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How to use the Infinite Tactical sprint glitch in MW 2 2022

Call of Duty modern warfare 2 is a newly released title by Activision and has a lot of out-of-the-box features and changes like advancement in the movement department and an upgraded gunsmith system and advanced AI.

Still, being a newly released title, it still has blemishes and glitches which are being discovered as we speak, one such is the infinite tactical sprint.

Just a couple of hours ago, players discovered a new glitch in modern warfare 2 that allows them to pull off an infinite tactical sprint.

This enables them to swiftly escape any hostile situation where a sprint can save you and also allows covering a very large distance on the map.

This trick is really easy to implement and allows players with an added advantage over others on the battlefield.

modern warfare 2 hd call of duty modern warfare ii 2022

How to use the glitch modern warfare 2

Like many battle games, this feature enables the player to run really fast but only for a short period of time as the charge bar runs off pretty quickly and the character is no longer able to execute the action.

But with this bug, the players need not worry about the charge bar as it never will run out. Here is how it can be used:

  1. Like normal, first double tap your sprint key to start the technical sprint.
  2. As the action is being executed, press the melee button and continue to sprint.
  3. This breaks the game and the character will continue the tactical sprint forever and it won’t affect the charge meter.
  4. If you are using a PC, the key to be used is ‘V’ while ps5/4 users can press the ‘R3’ button on the controller.
Call of Duty Modern Warfare2

NOTE: This is not a default authorized or planned easter egg/ feature of the game but a glitch/ bug. Use it at your own risk as it may lead to a ban from public matches for a while!

With that said, enjoy while it lasts!..

Check out Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 here –

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