MONSTER HUNTER RISE Ultimate Beginner Guide

Monster Hunter Rise is one of the more approachable games in the series, yet it may be intimidating for newcomers. Whether it’s a player’s debut Monster Hunter game or their tenth, this comprehensive guide is of Monster Hunter Rise will assist anyone.

This guide will teach you about all you need to work on for your first adventure with assurance in this Monster Hunter Rising guide for beginners. We’ll go through how to pick the strongest weapon straight away, disintegrate the many sorts of assignments you may accomplish, and offer a few pointers for newcomers.

About Monster Hunter Rise:

It is a Nintendo Switch action role-playing game developed and published by Capcom. It is the Monster Hunter series’ sixth mainline chapter, and it was published globally in March 2021. In January 2022, a Microsoft Windows edition was launched. Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, an upgrade, will be released in mid-2022.

Launching innovative gaming experience, like the usage of Wirebugs to navigate the environment and mount and ride specific creatures, as well as a new animal companion called a Palamute that may be utilized to ride throughout the globe or into combat.

Understand The Gameplay:

Monster Hunter’s basic gameplay has been stable for years, and Monster Hunter Rise maintains that heritage. The rhythm of each game is simple:

  1. Select a single monster to battle.
  2. Make the journey to a wide area where the monster can be found.
  3. Locate your intended target.
  4. Battle the beast alone yourself or with a small group of companions.
  5. Make new armor and equipment off of your slain victim.
  6. Continue.

You’ll be brought throughout your home base to address various inhabitants in the village at the start of the game, and they’ll tell you about each of their responsibilities. You’ll embark on your first hunt as part of this procedure.

Several pop-up instructional will appear throughout the first expedition, covering some of the game’s fundamentals. When you return to your settlement, you’ll be instructed how to make new gear out of the pieces you’ve collected from vanquished enemies. It won’t be long before you’re out on your next quest.

Complete Training Missions:

Once you plunge into Monster Hunter Rise, there are a few things you should know. Training missions assist fresh entrants and professionals in acclimating to the game’s mechanics. Perform these brief objectives before moving on to more difficult monster encounters or start playing online with friends.

  1. Back to Simple walks you through Monster Hunter Rise’s key gameplay features.
  2. Training to ride a Wyvern Ride teaches you how to ride a wyvern. This is a crucial ability to master because it will substantially cut down on your hunting time.
  3. The Essentials of Monster Capturing explains to you how to complete assignments by confining creatures rather than battling them.
  4. Capturing monsters allows you to finish hunts faster and gives you access to special monster components that you can’t acquire via whittling.
  5. This is a necessary ability to learn if you want to learn how to manufacture the greatest pieces of equipment.
  6. The Rampage Approaches instructs you how to play Monster Hunter Rise’s Rampage Phase.

Always Eat Before Hunts:

Prioritize yourself to eating before going hunting. You’ll collect additional goodies as you continue through Monster Hunter Rise, which you may combine to build boosts for each quest. Acquaint yourself with each monster’s elemental kinds and place an order for Dango concoctions that will protect you from your enemy’s special assaults.

Stay Engaged In Almost Everything:

As you explore Monster Hunter Rise’s many locations, you’ll come across a variety of colorful species known as endemic life. Merely engaging with these bugs and animals will grant you tiny stat increases. Many will boost your vitality, while others might offer you a boost in attack strength or defense for a limited time.

Constantly keep an eye out on each zone for where these monsters might be found. They constantly appear in the same places, so start to arrange routes that will allow you to see as many as possible on your way to your destination. Simultaneously, you should always be gathering crafting materials such as herbs and nectar to build support equipment.

How To Pick A Weapon:

While playing the game, one of the most critical decisions you’ll make is which of the 14 armaments to use. Each one is like finding a different protagonist in a fighting game since they all have unique gameplay.

What you select is determined by whatever combat strategy works the most appeal to you, and there’s no way to tell unless you try each one out. Fortunately, every weapon can be tested in the game’s Training Area. You may try out one of the beginning armaments from each kind by going to the item box and selecting Manage Equipment > Change Equipment. By going to Options > Info > Hunter’s Notes > Weapon Controls, you may also discover each weapon’s unique characteristics, Wirebug strikes, and combinations. The greatest weapon for a newbie is one that allows you to concentrate on the creatures.

Design Fresh Gear And Items:

As you battle new huge creatures and increase your Hunter Ranking, you’ll be able to acquire new levels of equipment. You can view what forging materials are necessary to forge new things when looking over the list of available gear at the Steelworks.

You must battle and acquire particular creatures several times to create equipment from them. Numerous crafting resources are required for each piece of armor and its related weaponry.

To learn how to obtain a component of building ingredients from a monster, press + to bring up the menu settings, then go to Info > Hunter’s Notes > Large Monsters. Then, choose the monster you require components for and go to their Materials page. Statistics are showing the possibility of discovering specific components through trapping, breaking off portions, carving, and other methods.

Advancement And High Ranking:

Monster Hunter games are designed to be played for decades, if not generations, at a time. However, until you reach Rise’s conclusion, you shouldn’t be too concerned with possessing the greatest armor and weaponry. You’ll ultimately accomplish the adventure and earn nice end credits scroll if you progress through into the single-player option. This isn’t the conclusion of the story. Monster Hunter Rise’s main core will not reveal itself until you attain a High Rank.

You’ll have new tiers of armor and weaponry to manufacture once you’ve accomplished High-Rank quests, making everything else you have to appear weak in contrast. So don’t stress about gear too much till you reach High Rank. Make a mishmash of clothing. Experiment with new weaponry. Explore until you reach High Rank because that’s when your equipment choices will have the most impact.

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