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Monster Hunter Rise PC: How To Unlock All Secret Armor Sets

There is absolutely a large variety of different Armor sets for players to forge and wear in Monster Hunter Rise PC. While some can be easy to unlock, some of them are extremely hard to acquire.

Armor sets are typically unlocked for forging after reaching a certain High Hunter Rank and obtaining some of the requisite materials. However, there are a few armor sets that need resources that cannot be obtained by hunting merely.

The secret armor sets are unlocked in Two different categories. The first set can only be found through the “Meowcenaries Expeditions” and the second set through the “Argosy” trading vessel, both of them are found in the Village’s Buddy Plaza.

Here this guide will help you unlock all the secret armors which are the best in the Monster Hunter rise.

Meowcenaries Expeditions

When you decide to send the Palicos and Palamutes on an expedition through the Meowcenaries, you can choose which region you want to send them to and have them return with monster materials.

The sparkly little stars on the icons indicate that there is a special rate item that can be retrieved through that specific expedition. Each region’s sparkles represent a rare item. You can get through that region and each of these rare materials that can be looted through these expeditions corresponds to unlocking a specific special Armor.

The following secret Armor sets can be unlocked via these expeditions:

  • From the Frost Island sparkly expedition, you can get Stargazer Bloom which will unlock the Edel Armor Set.
  • The shiny expeditions in the Flooded Forest can bring back Omegapumpking. Once we obtain an omegapumpking we can unlock the ability to craft the Mosgharl Armor set which is one of the favourite Armor Sets of the palyers.
  • The Chaos Armor Set will unlock after we get Shadeshroom item through the expedition in the Shrine Ruins.
  • The Death Stench Armor Set will unlock by the Sinister Darkcloth item from the sandy Plains.
  • The fifth Armor set that can be unlocked through the Meowcenaries is the Jelly Armor set which is obtained by the sparkly expedition in the Lava Caverns that can retrieve gothjelly which will be used to unlock the secret Jelly Armor set.
  • So those are all five of the secrets Armor sets we can unlock through the Meowcenaries.


The other Six armor Sets will be unlocked through the Argosy. The Argosy is a trading vessel through which players can buy useful items, and have their Palicos and PAlamutes barter and trade for them.

When we send out any of our buddies onto an expedition through the Arkanas to retrieve certain materials depending on what type of material it is down here in the bottom right, we will see what special rare items they can retrieve while out on that expedition which goes by categories and not individual items.

Depending on the sort of item requested, there’s a chance that the player’s chosen Palico or Palamute may return with a rare bonus item in addition to the desired item.

The following secret armor sets can be unlocked through the Argosy vessel trade:

  • By retrieving Dosbiscus item from trading for Nuts, we will be able to craft the Melahoa Armor set.
  • Again by bringing back a Springnight Carp item from trading for Nuts, we will be able to craft the Marikluva Armor Set.
  • The Mushrooms and the Bugs item have a chance of bringing back dreamshells and butterfly beetles. The dreamshells will allow us to craft the Shell Studded Armor.
  • The butterfly beetle item from trading Mushroom/Bugs will unlock the ability to be able to craft the Rhopesa Armor set
  • The plants and fishes trade has a chance of finding the Toxic Kumori item which unlocks the Spio/Skalda Armor Set. The Spio Armor set is one of the most popular Armor Set now because one of the pieces allow you to have level two enemy weakness with one single piece which is incredibly excellent.
  • Finally the last one, the Vaik Armor set can be unlocked with the Armored Bream which can be obtained by trading for plants or fish.

These were all of the Six Armor sets that will be unlocked through the Argosy in Monster Hunter Rise Steam.

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