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Monster Hunter Rise XP/HR Point Farm Guide (Rank UP Faster)

If you are looking for the best way to XP/HR Points farm in monster hunter rise, you are at the right place because, in this guide, we will help you rank up faster in MH Rise using the best HR Points/XP farming methods possible. So without wasting your time, let’s get started.

Monster Hunter Rise is an action role-playing game developed and published by Capcom. It is the Monster Hunter series’ sixth mainline chapter. The main of the game is to hunt down monsters, complete quests and gain as many HR points as possible.

This guide will briefly explain how you can rank up faster in Monster Hunter Rise. These methods are the best method on the internet that you can use to HR Points farm faster in Mh rise so that you can gain a lot of XP to rank up as soon as possible.

Monster Hunter Rise Material Farming

Monster Hunter Rise Material Farming

Material Farming in MH Rise is essential to grind out what life is all about again and again. There are a lot of monsters you can fight in MH Rise to farm materials in-game. Let’s take Bazelgeuse, I know it’s tough to fight this monster, but it’s crucial that you win this one and get started to hunt other brutal monsters.

I will suggest you farm as many materials as possible because if you are new, it’s the time right now. Suppose you have incomplete gear. Then defeat those monsters to get materials to complete these weapons.

Completing All Gathering Hub Quest

Monster Hunter Rise Material Farming MH Rise

Completing Hub Quests is very much important in the game because they give you a lot of XP/HR oints points in the game. There are a lot of easy and hard quests that you can do to gain XP. I have seen many people who don’t complete their quests.

All of the quests are very important for new and high-rank players because they give out a lot of HR points to reach the next level in Monster Hunter Rise easily.

Keep in mind that if you are a high-rank player, then you can enter in Low-rank quests as well, which can give you a lot of good stuff like gems, jewels and much more. Keep in mind that every quest gives you points to rank up in the game.

Farm Apex Rampage Quests

Farm Apex Rampage Quests mh rise

Farming Apex Rampage quests is the best way to level up your Hunter Rank. Apex Rampage Quests gives a lot of points. These quests take a lot of time but don’t worry. The reward is excellent because the Warriors of Kamura will help you throughout the way!

Random Quests Board

Random Quests Board mh rise

You might have done everything that I have asked you earlier right? Then what should you do next to gain extra XP to level up faster? The answer is random quests board.

All you have to do is go to Quest Board in the Gathering Hub. From here, you can select both high rank and low-rank quests or select random. This will start any random quests for you so that you can get some extra XP for yourself.

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