Mortal Online 2 Beginner Guide About Mounted Combat On Horse

Mortal Online 2 Beginner Guide About Mounted Combat On Horse

In this guide, we will talk about mounted guide for the beginner in Mortal online 2 which includes the skills needed, weapon choice, weight distribution, training and many more techniques that will be helpful.

Mortal Online 2 is a sandbox MMORPG game with first-person perspective that you can enjoy. It is developed and published by Star Vault and supports a massive multiplayer online genre available for Microsoft Windows.

Basic Skill Needed you must know about

These are the basic skill that you need to distinguish on how you are going to be using your character, so choose these skills wisely.

  • Aggressive Stance: Used for making more damage
  • Anatomy: Used for healing with bandages
  • Armor Training: Used for carrying heavy armor
  • Balance: Higher Balance skill means lower knockdown/back
  • Blocking: Used when you get dismounted
  • Combat Maneuvering: Used in Armor Training
  • Controlled Riding: Helps in efficient and fast riding.
  • Creature Control: Helps in controlling the creature with respect to the mount.
  • Defensive Stance: Used for better defense guard technique
  • Heavy Armor Training: Better for PvP players
  • Mounted Combat: Helps in charging and more mounted techniques
  • Sprinting: Required for armor training
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Dismount and Balance Mechanics to learn

If the enemy character has less or zero balance skills, then he will be knocked down easily from his mounted creature. Weapon damage also effects this, a higher weapon damage means more chance of killing the enemy easily.

If your output damage is less than the raw damage, dismounting a character is difficult or most probably he will not be dismounted from the horse that he is riding, making it difficult to tackle the enemy.

In order to balance knockdown and knockback resistance, you must have somewhere around 35 damage. You can increase this skill. Upgrading skill to 100 can help you not get knocked down by enemies easily.

Blunt Damage is very Important Factor

Blunt Damage provided by your weapon is very important in dismounting an enemy. Remember, blunt damage must be higher to knock down a high skilled level enemy. So getting the right weapon choice is also critical.

With higher blunt damage, you do not need to charge the weapon to knock down an enemy. A normal swing which deals somewhere half the damage can be easily used to knock down an enemy.

Training is important

This is an important aspect in terms of getting the right skill and how you intend to use it. Maxing skills is dependent on the training. Training with different drills, you can earn points to max out the skills.

Suppose you are riding a horse effectively, then your controlled riding will increase. Similarly, you can increase other skills by following the same method and practice them to have perfection in that particular field.

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Weapon Weight and Strength Requirement

Strength is very important in terms of wielding a weapon. Well, the right weapon choice also effects. When a two-handed weapon like hammer or axe is handed single-handedly, then you will be able to swing it if you have high strength.

You can swing a heavier weapon, but this weapon will provide less damage. So a lighter weapon is preferred on the mount as you will be able to swing it properly, and it will have decent damage.

Speed Damage and Charge Skill

Speed damage refers to damage you give when you are riding a horse fast. With the swing, you can increase the damage by the weapon you give to the enemy. It is just liking going with air to increase attack power.

You can perform this attack multiple times to increase the charge skill, and it will be easier to perform this attack with different weapons.

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