MultiVersus: Best Characters To Choose For Combo Attacks

MultiVersus has a great assortment of Fighters to choose from. Arriving from all media segments in Warner Bros. Entertainment, MultiVersus brings out this nostalgic and phenomenal array of characters. From the Popular TV Show, Game of Thrones comes Arya Stark. Tom and Jerry need no introduction, and neither do Superman and Batman. Hell, there’s even Lebron James from Space Jam 2.

Types of Fighters

There are almost 19 fighters to choose from, and 5 classes:- Bruisers, Assassins, Tanks, Supports, and Mages. Here are the best among them, with their best Combo Attacks.


  • Bruisers are an easy-to-use character type, with close-combat attacks and a good collection of melee attacks. They also are able to take a decent amount of damage. Here are the best Bruisers in MultiVersus.
  • Batman (Bat-Combo and Bat-Slide)
  • Shaggy (Ultra-Hungry Combo)


  • Assassins rely on their mobility and quick attacks to win. They deal massive damage in combos and are difficult to hit. They also have defying moves, which confuse the opponents. Here are the best Assassins in MultiVersus.
  • Finn (Flying Sword Moves!)
  • Harley Quinn (Clown Combo and Flying Kicks)
  • Arya Stark (Sharp Edges)


  • Tanks can absorb damage much better than other fighter types but lack the mobility of the rest. They also deal huge amounts of damage to the opponents. Here are the best Tanks in MultiVersus.
  • Superman (Kryptonian Kombo and Bullet Barrage)
  • Wonder Woman (Amazon Combo)


  • Supports deal the least amount of damage but are the most helpful fighter type in MultiVersus. They have special moves to help their teammates, including Shields, Health Regens, and other abilities to improve the abilities of teammates. Here are the best Supports in MultiVersus.
  • Reindog (Fluffy Combo)


  • Mages attack from a distance, and have a very low HP scale. They have projectile attacks, which distract the opponent, helping your teammate beat them up. Here are the best Mages in MultiVersus.
  • Bugs Bunny (Why I Oughta!)
  • Tom and Jerry (Mallet Time and Scratch Cat)

These were the Best Characters to choose in MultiVersus and their respective, Best Combos. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep yourself updated with topics related to gaming, tech, and more.

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