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Finn the Human or Finn Mertens is the Main Protagonist of the Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Award-winning show, “Adventure Time”. He is 12 years old, but even people his age are crying that he’s too buffed in MultiVersus. He travels the land of Ooo, with his buddy, Jake the Dog, in search of destroying evil.

Finn is an assassin class fighter in the latest platform fighting game, MultiVersus. He is currently under flak for having buffed hitboxes in his down-aerial attack, Ground Chop. He hits the opponents from a bit far away than intended. You better utilize him before he gets nerfed! Here are the different Perks, Moves, and Combos of this agile assassin, Finn the Human.

Best Finn Perks

In MultiVersus, you can use both your and your teammates’ perks in the team Gamemodes. If you and your teammate take the same perks, their abilities stack up. For Example, 5% damage +5% damage is overall 10% damage in each hit for each player. Keeping that in mind, Here are the best perks to train for Finn the human:-

Best Offense, Defence, and Utility Perks

  • Second Wind Beneath Your Wings (Your team refreshes air special attacks after ringing out an enemy)
  • Slippery When Feint (Your team receives 10% increased dodge distance when dodging out of an attack hit cancel)
  • Going Out of Business (Signature Perk)
  • On The House! (Signature Perk)
  • Triple Jump (Your team receives an extra jump after hitting an enemy while in air)
  • Boundless Energy (Your team receives 10% faster dodge invulnerability recharge)
  • Wildcat Brawler (Your team deals 5% increased damage with melee attacks on the ground)
  • Last Stand (Your team deals 10% increased damage after reaching 100 damage)

Best Finn Moves

Finn is an assassin class, so his primary skill is his agility. He excels at close-up combat and quick moves and mobility. Finn also has a passive ability called “Fat Stacks”. Finn uses coins to boost his special attacks. When Finn hits enemies, the enemies drop a coin. Finn and his allies can pick up the coin and increase Finn’s coin count. Here are the best Finn Moves:-

Best Special Moves

Finn has Forward, Neutral, Up, and Down Special Moves. These come in both ground and air varieties making a total of 8 Special Moves. Here are the best special moves of Finn the Human:-

  • Sweet Deals! (Finn shops for goods using his COIN. He can buy a STACK of HASTEN to increase his team’s movement speed, a STACK of BOOTY to give his team a PROJECTILE shield when he CHARGES attacks or BMO. With BMO, Finn will do a BMO chop instead of shopping) – DOWN+K (ON GROUND)
  • Throwin’ Stones (Finn will pay some COIN then throw a GET ITEM forward. He will dash to the GEM by doing his Aerial Side Special. If he has no COIN, he will throw an eaten apple ITEM that does minor DAMAGE to enemies) – DOWN+K (IN AIR)
  • GET SKRONKED! (Finn rushes forward shoulder first blocking PROJECTILES. If the attack hits, he can act again immediately. If Finn has dropped a GEM, he will instead do his air version) – FORWARD+K (ON GROUND)
  • MATHEMATICAL AIR DASH! (Finn does a dashing sword swing. The hit has a SWEETSPOT at the end of the move. If Finn dashes toward a fighter or COIN, he moves further and does more DAMAGE. If Finn has dropped a GEM, he will teleport to its position before the attack) – FORWARD+K (IN AIR)
  • BACKPACK ATTACK! (Finn spins his backpack around, repeatedly hitting enemies who are caught in its VACUUM. The more COIN Finn has, the stronger his final hit is, but he will drop COIN on a successful hit) – UP+K (ON GROUND)

Best Attack Moves

Finn also has normal attack moves and here are the best ones to use:-

  • CHOP! (CHARGE a forward chop) – NEUTRAL J (ON GROUND)
  • THE SWORD STUFF! (CHARGE a stab that COMBOS into a series of swipes) – FORWARD+J (ON GROUND)
  • SLASHER (CHARGE an upward slash that launches Finn) – UP+J (ON GROUND)
  • POWER STOMP (CHARGE a plunging stab downward that BREAKS ARMOR and releases a shockwave PROJECTILE that hits multiple times) – DOWN+J (ON GROUND)
  • SLAM-BAM-IN-A-CAN! (A kick that BREAKS ARMOR. Finn will dash behind enemies he kicks. The dash has a COOLDOWN) – NEUTRAL J (IN AIR)

Best Finn Combos

Finn is an agile fighter, so his mobility and attacks allow Finn to do combos with his enemies. Here are the best combos for Finn the Human:-

  • Neutral Air Attack (NAIR)+Down Attack (DAMAGE 17)
  • Neutral Air Attack (NAIR)+Down Air Attack (DAIR)+Up Special (DAMAGE 30)
  • Down Air Attack (DAIR)+Up Attack+Up Special (DAMAGE 28)
  • Down Air Attack(DAIR)+Neutral Attack (DAMAGE 15)
  • Down Air Attack (DAIR)+Side Special (in air)+Up Special (DAMAGE 26)
  • Side Attack+Side Attack+Up Special (DAMAGE 22)
  • Neutral Air Attack (NAIR)+Side Attack (in air)+Up Special (DAMAGE 22)
  • Down Air Attack (DAIR)+Neutral Air Attack (NAIR)+Up Special (DAMAGE 26)

These were the most useful perks, moves, and combos of Finn the Human. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep yourself updated with topics related to gaming, tech, and more.

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