Multiversus: How to Play Local Multiplayer Easily (Guide)


MultiVersus is the new big entry to the genre of party brawlers with a roster that caters to everyone. This new free-to-play game is designed for online matches and fortunately features a local Co-op mode. This guide will help you start a local match to take on the fight with your friends.

The current generation of gaming has given players few options of games to play with or alongside friends. Players have seemingly limited options of games to enjoy in-person and tons of games which were the essence of so many friendships, have died on so many groups. Thank the gods for Multiverse which boasts a roster of almost all the heroes we love, is reviving this genre.

MultiVersus roster screenshot

How to start a Local Co-op match in MultiVersus

Starting a local co-op match is as easy as it sounds so you can enjoy the game with your friends on the same couch; the option just isn’t quite visible on the menu like all other options

We’d suggest not going to the custom menu directly to start a local co-op match since it has fewer options, you can instead follow the steps below

  • In the main menu press the “Play” button and go to the “Custom” tab.
  • Select the “Local Play” feature.
  • Go to the “Settings” menu which can be found in the top right corner as a book icon.
  • Choose the preferred game mode (e.g. 2v2), ring-outs, and time.
  • Press “Done” to confirm.
  • Choose the characters for all players.
  • Press “Ready” to confirm the choice.
  • Select your map when prompted.
  • Confirm by pressing “Accept“.

It is a linear process but since the option of Custom Play which allows creating custom lobbies is hidden, it makes the whole process rather confusing. You can play with up to 4 players provided you have enough controllers with you, you can also tweak other settings of the game if you like.

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