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My Way Challenge: Become Famous Solo Artist/ Double Platinum

bitlife my way challenge

Bitlife is a life simulator that runs through text base chat. You can choose different lifestyles and live though different careers and become famous in any of them. This one the famous first text based life simulator.

In this guide, we will tell you how you can get double platinum albums and become a famous solo artist in Bitlife and complete my way challenge easily just by following the steps mentioned below one by one.

Complete My Way Challenge : Become a Famous Solo Artist/ Double Platinum Albums

  1. Born in a city called Newark/ New Jersey and country, United States.
  2. You must be Male, that is necessary.
  3. Pick up music special talent and if this talent is not present then you have to be lucky.
  4. Age up to somewhat 8 years.
  5. Make your parents generous, so they agree with your career choice.
  6. Now go to mind and body, and we start voice lessons multiple times.
  7. Do voice lessons and age up.
  8. You will see your voice ability has maxed out.
  9. Remember, if one’s voice lesson is maxed out you should not do it more otherwise it will go down.
  10. Now age up to 18 years old fast.
  11. Go to Occupation > Special careers > Musician > Solo Artist.
  12. Choose career type singer and label anyone and then request the audition.
  13. Note: When you give audition, and you have bad performance, simply quit the app there only and restart the app.
  14. If you had bad performance earlier, repeat step 11 and 12 to see if you get selected now.
  15. Once you get a good performance, you are good to go.
  16. Note: Before signing to a label, try with different record labels with the money they offer. You can do so by closing the app directly and following step 11 and 12.
  17. Age Up and see when you become a famous solo artist.
  18. Get these platinum albums by keep on aging up
  19. Once you get to 100 fame, just go on tours every year to keep your fame maxed out
  20. Keep on aging up, don’t drop anything until they ask you to drop.
  21. Give positive response to the important question asked.

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