Top 15 NFS Unbound Tips & Tricks (Ultimate Beginners Guide)

Need For Speed has been around for years and has just launched its latest part, NFS Unbound. Since the game is new and you’re just starting, there are certainly some things you’ll learn later rather than soon. But knowing these simple tricks and rules will definitely help you get a better start. This list is a compilation of 15 Tips and Tricks that will make your NFS unbound gameplay finer and more enjoyable. Let’s get started.

1. Enter the garage from any side

NFS Unbound garage

In NFS unbound You can enter the garage from any side, approaching from any angle and at any speed. You can also enter the garage when in cooldown. This might seem very trivial but knowing this is going to save you a lot of time as you’ll be doing this a lot many times.

2. Using parked cars

NFS Unbound near miss
NFS unbound img via Crowned Youtube

Nitro is an extremely important aspect of all of your gameplay. So knowing this trick will definitely help a lot. You can fill up the NOS meter faster by using randomly parked cars for “Near misses”. You can also drive in the wrong lane and aim for near misses to fill up the bar faster.

3. get arrested

NFS unbound cops
NFS unbound Img via Electronic arts

If you want to skip a day you can simply get busted by the cops. Getting busted will also help you get better-paying events faster by boosting your progress.

4. master steep turns using NOS

Sometimes you’ll be acing a race but then encounter a steep turn and lose your position. There’s nothing more painful than getting busted after hitting a corner. But there’s a simple hack for it. Either you can simply slow down at the turn and then use NOS to speed up. But this is kinda boring, rather you can make drift through the corners. If the drift throws you out of control, use NOS to set your car back on the track.

5. SAy goodbye to distractions

NFS unbound has excellent visuals and you may find the newly added effects like wings for airtime, an animated smoke effect for drifts, etc very cool. But sometimes these effects might just get in the way of your gameplay, by acting more as distractions rather than art. So you should consider removing the effects. Although you can remove them completely, they can still be minimized by using the “Cloaked” effect, under driving effects.

6. big bounty

NFS unbound money

Engage in pursuits and then escape from the cops. Chases and bounty missions have always been part of the NFS game series. As much fun as it is, it is also very rewarding. You will get $250 for every cop car that you lose. This way you can stack up a lot of quick money.

7. Travel light

There are numerous ways for you to earn money in the game. Grinding through races and losing the cops for hours can help you stack a lot of money. The open world has a bunch of events to offer from which you can earn fortunes. Better go to the garage or a safe house so that all your earnings from the session are stored. Otherwise, if you get caught by the cops, you’ll lose all of your earnings. But be careful, going to the garage will also reset the events available and a new day starts.

8. night events

NFS unbound night event

If you feel like you haven’t done enough for the day and need more money you can aim for the night events. As much risk is involved in the night events they are also very rewarding.

9. Teleport

If you head out of the garage and get a mission call right away, you can go back to the garage and jump out from another garage that is closer to the mission location. Don’t worry it won’t skip the day as long as you haven’t earned any money.

10. Earn more on delivery missions

delivery mission repair vehicle
NFS unbound delivery mission

If you are on a delivery mission you can repair the car to be delivered to get the maximum payout. You get paid according to the condition of the car that is being delivered. For delivering vehicles with poor conditions you’ll lose the max payout.

11. Easy escape from the cops

NFS unbound evade pursuit high ground
NFS unbound Image via Crowned youtube

Cop chases are the best part of NFS, it is what sets NFS apart from other simple racing games. And getting the cops off your tail is sometimes very difficult, although this part being so challenging is what makes it so fun. But you might sometimes just want to see the back of the cops as soon as possible. And you can do this by getting up to the high ground. You can climb up on the containers or use those large ramps to evade the cops.

12. Evade faster

NFS unbound engine off

After you have lost the cops that were on your tail, get to a safe location where you won’t be spotted back and turn off the engine. This way you’ll have a shorter cooldown period and you can evade faster.

13. Drafting to fill nos

Drafting is when you tag right behind a rival’s car during a race. Drafting fills up your NOS bar really fast so you can keep on the tail of racers and fill your NOS bar. Then use the NOS to overtake the racers. Using this simple trick will give you better chances of winning races with lesser effort.

14. Teleport to the city

NFS unbound drafting
NFS unbound drafting image via militia gaming youtube

If you are outside a safehouse or garage or you can still leave the game and it will not affect the heat. When you return to the game, you’ll start in the city.

15. How to get a Perfect launch

A lot gets decided at the beginning of a race, so you should stay on your toes and get the upper hand at the beginning itself. Revving the engine to the fullest will not help in getting a better start. Every car has a different threshold, you just need to rev up until that point so the bar turns green. This will give you the perfect launch.

Just remember these NFS unbound tips and tricks and you can save yourself a lot of effort and focus more on enjoying the game than figuring out how things work.

NFS unbound has just been released and is already in the heat, gamers are really enjoying the game and are quite impressed with all the new art styles and features introduced in the game that are very different from previous NFS games. Let us know your views regarding the game, whether you loved it, or find something that puts your interest off. You can also visit and bookmark for more of these guides and gaming-related content.

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