New World: Where to Find the Corns with Location (Guide)

New World which is currently live and is the best MMORPG developed by Amazon, and has been played by many ones. The game has its own best features where you can do several tasks to survive.

As a Massive Multiplayer game, it features you to collect resources, foods, harvesting, crafting, and other tasks that you need to do for survival. One of the Most beneficial food or vegetable here you can get is Corn.

Check out the New World Corn Location Guide and follow it to get the Corn Spots and zones where it can be found.

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Corn Information

Corn is the topmost harvestable Vegetable that is available in New World and is very much useful in yielding different materials and gaining experience to related trade skills.

  • Gathering time: 12 Seconds
  • Respawn Time: 900 – 1800 Seconds
  • Experience: 5Trade Skill: Harvesting
  • Trades Skill Experience: 46 Harvesting XP
  • Areas : Farms, Food Suply Carts

How to Collect Corn in the New World?

Corn is a highly needed vegetable that you can collect easily and use for harvesting to get new yield materials.

To get the Corn, you must have any Harvesting Sickle with you in the inventory by which you can easily collect the resources (corn) very quickly.

Where to Find the Corns in New World?

In order to Find the Corn Spots in New World, Check the location below which are marked on the map where you can easily get the Corns.

You can get the Corn Location around 6 Zones on the map which are Everfall, Ebonscale Reach, Monarch’s Bluffs, First Light, and Reekwater. Check the marked location to the marked Farm Areas where you can get the corn easily.

Corn Locations on Map : Overview

corn location map new world

The overview of the New World Map with marked Corn locations is here. There are total 6 zones in the map marked, where you can get the corn.

The Corn Map is generated via the NewWorldMap website, where you can self-generate the map with the marked location of any food or ingredients. Check the Below six Zones with exact locations provided below.

1) Ebonscale Reach

ebonscale new world

Ebonscale has corn locations marked down to the zone, in the South direction. Check marked location for the spots.

2) Everfall

everfall new world

In Everfall the corn Locations are apart from each other, spread out in opposite directions. Follow the Marked location for exact spots.

3) First Light

firstlight new world

Pretty simple to find, more corns are located in the north direction from the first settlement and others on the downside.

4) Monarch’s Bluffs

monarch bluffs new world

Near the Moonshade, around the border of Monarch’s buff and Windsward, you can find the Corn locations and others on the west side of the zone. Check marked location on the map for the spots.

5) Reekwater

reekwater new world

In Reekwater, you can get two locations both marked in the North direction of the Zone, Above the Eternal Pool.

6) Windsward

windsward new world

In Windsward there are three locations for the Corns. and easiest location to get the corns. Go towards the northwest direction of the zone, check Above and below of the Grenville in the map for further locations.

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