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New World Corruption Train Best Way to Farm XP + Better Gear

Corruption train is the best way to earn better gear and farm XP in New World. I have been a part of 100’s of Corruption train, and let me tell you. It is the easiest and the best way to farm XP in the new world.

The New World XP system is very straightforward. You complete quests, you get a certain amount of XP. But for Quests, you have to move from one place to another and then return, which takes a massive amount of time and gives a minimal amount of XP.

But don’t you worry. In this Guide, I will tell you the best way and all the tips and tricks you need to remember to farm XP and get better gear in a corruption train. So I suggest you stick till the end of the article and start Levelling UP Faster than anyone else.

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What is Corruption Train in New World?

Corruption train is a process where a certain number of players come together and Clear corruptions that comes along their way and share all the XP efficiently. You might have visited many corrupted areas in the game that are too hard to defeat alone, So Players come together and start clearing all of the corruptions, which in turn named it “Corruption Train“.

How much XP do you get from Corruption Train in New World?

Corruption Trains can give you a considerable amount of XP, which is good because you can level up so quickly and easily in the game.

By Clearing one corruption, you get 2200+ XP, sometimes less on every Corruption Portal Cleard. This means that if you cleared like 10 Corruption in a Row, you will 22000+ XP in the game which is a lot of XP.

I forgot to mention this, but you will also get Crates that will give you the best loot and gear in the game. So you can complete your questline efficiently.

How to Start or Join a Corruption Train in New World?

corruption train new world on map

If you are one of the people who like to lead, you can start a corruption train by heading near a corruption site and advertising in the chat to join you for the corruption train at a particular location.

You will see many players who would be glad to join you for free XP. You can also join the corruption train by looking at the chat. People continually advertise corruption trains with Locations, So keep an eye out.

Corruption Train Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Here are some tips and tricks that you need to know before joining a corruption train as a beginner, so I suggest you read them all.

  1. Start doing Corruption Train when you are at least level 10 because its a very hard task to clear out a corruption for low rank players, One hit from the enemy you are dead then you have to respawn far back and loose all of the XP.
  2. Always Camp outside the corrupted area, Camlpingg outside a corrupted area while doing corruption train can slightly increase your chances of survivng on low level because if you die you can just respawn outside the corupted area and then instantly join back in whithout loosing any XP.
  3. Always try join someone in group, Joining in groups can help you communicate with each other whcih can help you get more kills and help you clear the corruption easily without dying.
  4. Always use HP potions or Water to regenrate health inside the corrupted area. If you dont wanna use your health potion always use water and light rations to constantly heal yourself.
  5. Try attacking from far using a “Ice Gauntlet” or “CrossBow“. This will keep you away from enemy attacks and also help you get XP.

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