New World Rise of the Angry Earth – How to Unlock & Get Mounts

Welcome to the untamed land of Aeternum in Amazon Game Studios’ blockbuster MMORPG New land, which has taken the gaming world by storm. Mounts have been added as a game-changing element in the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion. We’ll take you on a quest to earn your first mount while also immersing you in the enthralling universe of New World and providing insights from other players in this complete guide.

Discover the charm of New environment, a virtual playground launched in October 3, that draws thousands of adventurers to explore a huge and rich environment. Set on the mysterious island of Aeternum, the game provides a unique combination of exploration, crafting, and PvP warfare, making it a popular MMORPG among gamers all over the world.

Mounts of various types have been included to the new DLC like – Horse, Wolf, Lion etc. In this guide, we’ll show you how to gain a horse mount in New World Rise of the Angry Earth in detail. You’ve come to the perfect place if you want to learn everything there is to know about your mount.

How to Unlock Mounts in New World Rise of the Angry Earth Step by Step –

Step 1: Reach Level 25

Before you may enjoy the excitement of horseback exploration, you must first attain level 25 on the live server. This activates the most important quest, either “My Kingdom for a Horse” or “A Change in the Wild.”

Step 2: Begin Your Journey

Seek out the intriguing Joi Khan, your guide to the realm of horses, with the task in hand. The Shadow Mine Shrine for fast travel is the easiest method to find him.

Step 3: Locating Mount Quests

The quest to unlock your first mount is part of a series known as the “Mount Quests.” To find this part, look in your quest log (‘J’). The wolf and lion mounts may only be obtained by completing these tasks in the correct order.

Step 4: The First Test

Accept the task by speaking with Joi Khan. He’ll direct you to check a region east of southeast of the lake. This is where you will meet your first mount.

Step 5: The Cave’s Secrets

A stunning picture on the wall within a secret cave will house your first horse. Interact with the ghost in the cave, collect flavored oats, and make sure the haul sign is safe.

Step 6: Forming a Bond with Your Mount

After accomplishing these objectives, return to Joi Khan. If you feed the oats to the horse, it will become a faithful buddy.

Step 7: Celebrate Your Victory 

Hand in the quest to Joi Khan to gain 500 riding XP, the ability to equip a mount, and your first mount, Moon Shadow. Congratulations! Finish the task and go to the next adventure.

Step 8: Personalize It

Click on your mount in your inventory. Then, go to the “Mount Equipment” page and click “Change” to personalize and rename your mount. Add an own touch!

Step 9: Getting the Hang of Mounted Travel

As you continue through the game, you may improve your riding ability by hitting ‘K’ and heading to the bottom right to access your riding skill selections. Increasing your riding skill provides you faster mounts and access to new equipment.

Step 10: Set off on New Adventures

Continue completing Mount Quests to gain riding experience and unlock the wolf and lion mounts. With each task, you become closer to these amazing partners.

So, there were easy ten steps to get your mount, Mounts are a great addition to New World, providing increased mobility and increasing your gameplay experience. Follow this method to get your first mount and go out on exciting adventures across Aeternum. Enjoy your ride!

Note: If you don’t see the mount missions, make sure you’re at the appropriate level (wolf level 45, lion level 60). These mounts may also be available for purchase in-game through Amazon. Enjoy the freedom to walk about in the New World!

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