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New World: How to Prevent GPU from being Fried or Damaged

New World is a new upcoming online roleplaying Multiplayer game created by Amazon. The game is yet to release officially on 31 August 2021. The game is becoming a huge success so far on steam and other platforms.

New World has announced its Closed Beta on 20 July 2021, and many of the players enrolled in the massive new MMO game.

People are playing the game continuously and having so much fun. The game’s story mode is quite interesting, but we all know that people are generally buying the game for its multiplayer experience.

Other than the huge success of New World’s, the game is actually quite dangerous to run on most PCs because the game is destroying the most high-end GPU like 3090 FTW and more.

GPU Fried While Playing New Worlds Situation

Many of the gamers are reporting their GPU got fried while playing new world. The game was running smoothly without any FPS drop issues.

Many people reported that the fans are running at 200K+ RPM While running the New World on their systems. The regular RPM of GPUs is about 2300+, So that’s been a really concerning situation for everyone.

What’s the Reason behind New World EVGA GPU Brick Scenario

There can be multiple reasons for your GPU getting destroyed. I will mention each point one by one so that you can understand clearly.

  • Manufacturing Defect by EVGA GPUs
  • Could be an old Refurbished GPU
  • Could have been used for Crypto mining.
  • Too Much Load on the GPU.

How to Prevent your Graphics Card from getting fried while playing New World

It’s a horrible situation out there, but it’s not the fault of Amazon or any other Graphics Card manufacturer. These kinds of things happen, but you don’t need to worry.


Undervolting your Laptop or PC is the best way to prevent your GPU from getting damaged or increase your graphics card life.

In many cases, undervolting increases gaming performance and keeps the system cool while you play high-end video games.

I have linked a simple video on why you should undervolt your GPU or How you can easily do it.

Clean Your System To Improve Performace and Decrease Load

This is one of the major steps that you can take to improve your gaming performance and reduce your GPU temperature.

Removing Boltware from your windows completely can have a great impact on your system performance. You can read the guide that I have linked on how to do so.

Reduce the Graphics Quality of New World

I will suggest you not play the game on very high settings because this will increase your GPU load and affect your PC performance in general.

For now, the best thing to do is play the game on low to medium settings to have fun and not get fried by the game.

Limit Your Game FPS

limit fps new world
Limit FPs in New World

Limiting your in-game FPS to 60 from uncapped can make a huge impact because it will fix the GPU processing to 60 FPS only, which will decrease the load and temperature on your GPU.

By following all of the steps above, you can protect your system and have fun playing this awesome game because it’s not the game’s fault.

Thanks for reading the article. I hope you learned something. Have a nice day.

Written by
Owen Singh

Owen Singh is a Tech, esports writer for Future Gaming that specializes in CSGO, Warzone, Apex, and Many other FPS Games esports scenes. He is also specialised in MMORPG and other similar genres.

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