New World All Winter Village & Ice Caves Locations Winter Event

This winter’s Convergence Festival introduces a reputation-related progression system. To unlock shop-level locks and get very useful items, you need to perform certain types of events to earn tokens and reputation.

The event will start on December 17th and will be available for a total of 11 days. That is, it ends on December 27th. Starting December 17, you will receive rewards based on the number of days divided into several sets.

All Winter Village Location

There are a total of four winter village during this winter convergence event. Remember to visit every village once to collect special rewards that helps you earn tokens and reputation that helps in later parts of the event.

The location of all four winter village is as follows :

  1. In Brightwood look at the border of the region area in left corner.
  2. In Everfall there is one on the right side of the cliff or river marking.
  3. There is one in Monarch’s Bluff on the right side of the fast travel point.
  4. There is one in Weaver’s fen on the right side of the fast travel point on the top edge of the region border.

All Ice Caves Location

There are a total of six ice caves that have different level of difficulties. So if you are max level or higher level you will easily complete smaller levels and even higher levels too with some time given to them.

These six caves include :

Rames’ RefugeLevel 25
Hari’s HollowLevel 25
Light’s Crown LairLevel 25
Serenity SanctuarLevel 61
Isvari’s IsolationLevel 62
Spelunker’s DemiseLevel 65

There are mini bosses, or you can say pawns of the main boss that you have to fight if in case they notice you. For higher level bosses, clearing the surrounding first will be helpful if you do not want the pawns to interfere to your fight.

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