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New World Earn or Farm 90K+ XP in 5 minutes (with Locations)

If you want to know the best method to XP farm in the new world, then stick with us till the end of the article because you have finally arrived at your destination to get more and more XP in a matter of minutes.

Levelling Up in the new world is very hard as the game has a systematic and organized levelling up system, but the best part about the new world is getting XP for doing every little task in the game. Even though there are many methods like corruption train and Armine, I will tell you the process is the most efficient and easy.

So in this guide, we will tell you the only best method for XP Farming in the new world that can help you get more than 90K+ XP in Just 5 Minutes. I am not just saying this. Even I will show you how you can gain that amount of XP and level up faster than all of your friends.

New World XP Farm Cooking Method

The Cooking system is very organized in the new world. You might have seen many players cooking food in everfall, windward and so on. They are trying to level up their cooking skill.

If you want to use this method, Please make sure your cooking level is 50 to cook a “light meal” in New World. If you don’t have level 50 in cooking, I suggest you buy some honey from Trading Post or any other material that you can use to cook meals and start cooking food to level UP.

Levelling Up in cooking is very easy. You will reach level 50 in about 30-40 minutes if you buy materials from the store or hunt all the animals that come in your way.

Requirements for XP farming Method in New World

  • Level 50 in cooking.
  • x3000 (Any Tier 3 Food) for eg. Berries
  • x3000 (Any Raw foods) for eg. Nuts, Meat, Fruit
  • x3000 (Any Raw foods)
  • I am using Berries, Nuts, Blueberries, If you wanna follow just like I did.

if you don’t have the given items above, you can buy them from the trading post or so-called marketplace. (They are very cheap) or you can farm them in certain areas. You can check the location of all the items that I am using in this guide. Once you get all of the given items above, follow the rest of the steps.

New World XP Farming Locations or Spots of Nuts, Blueberry, Berry

If you are unable to understand the location of the items given above. I will suggest you use a free and simple tool called New World Map. It’s the best thing created for New World. You can find any resource in the game.

Final Step: To Farm or Earn 90K+ XP in New World

The final step we have left is cooking. Cooking in this game is very easy. If you are reading this article and level 50, you are pretty familiar with the process. But I will still keep it short and simple for other users.

xp farming in new world easy method

Special Note: Make sure you have equipped all the items in your pockets; otherwise, your inventory will be full in minutes.

  1. First Make a Camp or head into your settlement where you can cook.
  2. Now Look for “Light meal” it needs level 50 (make sure you have selected the right meal)
  3. Now select all the items that you have farmed.
  4. After that select the maximum number of items you can cook.
  5. Hit Craft and Done, Now you have more than 90k+ XP in just 5 minutes.

Pro Tip for more XP: You can also do the following method with the tip given below, which will grant you 10% more XP.

new world xp farming areas

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