How To Do New Year, New You Challenge Bitlife!

How To Do New Year New You Challenge Bitlife

In this guide we will tell you how to complete New Year, New You Challenge in Bitlife easily by simply completing all the mentioned steps below. Remember to earn some money as required by some tasks.

Bitlife is a reality based simulator that runs a text based interface. It contains real life scenarios of what could happen based on the options you choose and how these choices will affect your future life and goals.

How to do the challenge?

This new year challenge comes with five different task that you need to complete. After completing these tasks, you can easily complete the New Year, New You challenge. Remember to complete the challenge in the same year.

Task 1: Change name in Bitlife

  1. Start your life in any country and age up and earn money which will be used in other tasks unless you already have enough money.
  2. Then click on activities and scroll down.
  3. You will find identity option. Click on it.
  4. Click on name change and enter your new name.
  5. Select File a request option.

Task 2: Go on to 3+ different Cruises Bitlife

  1. Click on activities and then find vacations.
  2. Under cruise, Pick any cruise and then click select cruise.
  3. Similarly, pick any cabin type and then click on select cruise.
  4. Now do it two more times.
  5. After doing it for 3 time you will complete the task.

Task 3: Go on 10+ first class vacations Bitlife

  1. Click on activities and then find vacations.
  2. Click again on vacations.
  3. Pick any destination from the available list.
  4. Make sure to choose first class option under travel class.
  5. Do it for 10 or more than 10 times to complete this task.

Task 4: Obtain Every License Bitlife

  1. Click on activities and then find licenses.
  2. This might take some time and money.
  3. For example for flight license you have to take 40 hours of learning and then give a pilot test.
  4. For Boat license you do not need lessons.
  5. Now do the same for other licenses.

Task 5: Emigrate to another country Bitlife

  1. Click on activities and then find Emigrate.
  2. Choose any country and then ask for their approval.
  3. Click on Emigrate to country, and then you will emigrate there.
  4. After doing this you will easily complete the New Year, New You challenge.
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1 year ago

The obtain ever liscence thing isn’t working even thought I got all of them what do I do?

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