NFS UNBOUND: How to Turn Off or Disable Motion Blur

NFS unbound has been released on November 29th of 2022 after a lot of waiting. The game trailer was launched a month and since then, fans have been excited and eager to play the game.

Need for speed unbound is the latest game released by Electronic Arts. NFS unbound has already captured the huge attention of gamers, and players are loving the new features and art styles of the game. Some people are loving the game while others are criticizing it, although this was expected since all the players had huge expectations.

NFS unbound img
NFS unbound image via Steam

Even though you may like every aspect of this game, there are still some things that annoy the players, like the motion blur feature. The reason is that players find it very distracting or unpleasant, and some people even start feeling nauseous. But worry not, for we have brought the solution for you.

NFS Unbound

How to disable motion blur

It is very easy to turn off or disable Motion Blur in Need for Speed Unbound. Just follow these steps –

  1. Head over to Accessibility & settings
  2. Go to the Accessibility tab
  3. Scroll down and select the Motion Blur option
  4. Click to toggle it off.
  5. Exit the setting and your changes will be saved.

Now you will not face the problem of your screen getting all blurry and fuzzy. Turning this feature off might save you from unpleasant feelings or headaches. Although if you ever feel like something is off or missing you can always follow these same steps and get the effects back on.

This brings us to the end of this article. We hope that you found this helpful. You can visit for more useful gaming-related content like news, tips, tricks, and How-Tos so that you can focus on gaming and not on figuring out how stuff works.

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