How to Get Nike Cookie Earmuffs Free in Nikeland (Event)

Nikeland is one of the brand-based games, which has been released after the collaboration of Roblox with Nike, which is consists of several multiplayer Sports games just like real games, mini-games, etc.

Nikeland has just got the latest update, Holiday Update 2021, which gives its users a unique free item for enhancing their Roblox character. Follow the post to get free nikeland rewards.

Nikeland Roblox Free Items

The new Item which Roblox has released in Nikeland for free is the Nike Cookie Earmuffs which looks unique and cool and can be easily used with any costume, especially with sports.

nike cookie earmuffs
Nike Cookie Earmuffs

How to Get Nike Cookie Earmuffs for free in Nikeland Roblox

To get this Item free in the nikeland, you have to follow these simple steps, no hard work to do here; you need to talk to the NBA basketball player.

  1. Tap Teleport button on the right side
  2. Select Lobby area to Teleport it inside
  3. Move around until you see a ice skating area
  4. You will see a NBA Player named “Giannis Antetokounmpo”
  5. Go near to the guy to talk
  6. Hold E Button to talk to him
  7. Click Collect Button, after you see Earmuffs popup on screen

That was all about the free Item in nikeland; you will get the desired Item after following all the steps, without missing any steps. You can go to your inventory and check the claimed Item there.

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