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NURGLE Army Guide Total War: Warhammer 3 (Complete)

The release of the new Total war game called Total War Warhammer 3 is just around the corner as it sets to be out on February 17, 2022. The Total War games are one of the most popular turn-based strategy games ever.

The player interest regarding the game is at an all-time high, with many being especially interested in the various factions of the game. Today we will look at one such faction known as the Nurgle.

About the Nurgle Army

Nurgle is the oldest amongst brother Gods and is also known as the Plague Lord. Nurgle is the god of disease and rebirth. The followers of Nurgle are part of his huge army and the army soldiers have been transformed to the embodiment of plague which is clear by their look. The army is known for its gross and slimy appearance and is often described as being slow and tanky.


These are what we believe to be the best strengths of the Nurgle Army –

  • Huge healthpool – The Nurgle army is extremely tanky in nature and have alot of health pool which allows them to have more survivability and avoid quick deaths.
  • Healing – The Nurgle army also has great healing to compliment their stats which is extremely strong for holding objectives. This is due to the army abilities and passive healing on some units.
  • Anti-Infantary – Nurgle army is one of the best if not the best anti-infantary armies in the game with various abilities like the nurgling droppings of Kugath being especially good.
  • Great debuffs – Nurgle army also has access to various debuffing effects that they can inflict using the various plagues in their arsenal. These debuffs provide great advantage to you in battle by reducing the stats of the enemies and Nurgle army is one of the best debuffers in the game.


With so many strengths to speak of the Nurgle army also has very clear weaknesses which are –

  • Slow Movement – The most blatant weakness of this faction is its movement speed . The Nurgle army is on of the slowest armies in the game which might put many players off as their movement speed does not allow them to capture flank objectives and any faster army always beats them at capturing such objectives.
  • Vulnerable to missiles – Almost everyone in the nurgle Army is vulnerable to missiles with the exception of forsaken and the soul grinder. So any missile based army is able to completely shred the Nurgle’s forces.

Tips For a Successful Campaign

There are certain win conditions that you need to fulfill if you want to have success in your quests. These conditions may seem very specific and they are, however, the Nurgle Army is a slow starter but once the army starts going there is no stopping them. So here are the things you should focus on while playing the Nurgle faction –

  • Spreading Plague – The unique ability of the army of being able to spread plagues is also one of its best. To ensure victory you’ll need to make sure that you can spread these plagues as much and as fast as you can, doing so will increase your chances of success significantly as this will help your armies and disrupt the nemy forces.
  • Maximising Infections – Infections are very essential when playing this faction as it allows you to get different kinds of plagues which is your main win condition. So you should try to get as many infections you can through your own as well as enemy settlements.
  • Experiment – Try out different builds with your army as the Nurgle has a diverse catalogue of troops that you can put to use . Try experimenting and find whats best for you.

So these are all the things you need to know before hopping in the game as the Nurgle Faction and overwhelming your foes.

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