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Hidden Nvidia Settings for 20% More FPS & Lower INPUT Latency

Nvidia provides very better graphics support for gamers. But there is something more, gamers can do to increase their fps and improve their gaming experience. Nvidia graphic cards provide some settings, that can boost the FPS by 25% and help gamers to have better gameplay.

How to optimize Nvidia settings?

Follow the given instructions below carefully, so that you do not face any problems. So let’s start:

3D Image Settings

  1. Firstly, right click on the Desktop, and open Nvidia Control Panel. In Windows 11, you have to see More Options after the right click.
  2. Now, in the Control Panel on the top left, click on Adjust image settings with preview under the 3D settings block.
  3. Choose Use the advanced 3D image settings and apply.

G-Sync Settings

Now firstly you have to decide, that do you want to enable or disable G-sync. Enabled G-sync can decrease your gameplay’s overall experience. So it is suggested, that you should keep the G-sync disabled.

  1. On the top left, click on Manage 3D settings.
  2. To disable G-sync, find Monitor Technology in Global settings. And select Fixed refresh in its options.
  3. To enable G-sync, choose G-sync in Monitor Technology.

Enable Developer Option

  1. In the Menu Bar of Nvidia Control Panel, click on Desktop menu and mark the Enable Developer settings in the options.
  2. In the left, choose Manage GPU Performance Counters.
  3. Select the option of Allow access to the GPU performance counters to all users.
  4. And apply the settings.

After applying, your screen may turn black. This is very normal and soon the screen will start, so choose Ok on the dialog box. This option will allow access to the advanced settings.

Settings in Nvidia Control Panel

Now the following settings will be the advanced settings, so follow each step.

  1. Again go to Manage 3D settings and choose Program settings tab.
  2. Now click on Add button, and click on Browse button below.
  3. File manager will pop up. Now open C drive in This PC.
  4. Open Windows folder.
  5. Find explorer.exe file in the folder, and open it.
  6. Now, you will be back on Control Panel, find Power Management in the Program Settings.
  7. Once you have found it, Change it to Prefer Maximum Performance. And Apply.

The above process has to be repeated with one more .exe file.

  1. Press Add button in Program settings tab.
  2. Choose Browse, and in Windows folder, find System32 folder.
  3. Open the folder and search dwm.exe file in the folder.
  4. Open this folder. Click on Add selected program.
  5. Repeat step 6 and step 7.
  6. After these changes, Go to Global Settings.
  7. Find Power Management Mode, and choose Prefer Maximum Performance and Apply.

Optimization with Nvidia Profile Inspector

Nvidia Profile Inspector is an advanced version of the Nvidia Control Panel. This tool provides you access to more advanced settings. Therefore, for the best optimization settings, you have to download Nvidia Profile Inspector. You can download it from the official site. To download from Github, click here.

  1. Run the nvidiaprofileinspector.exe file.
  2. Now 5 settings that were shown below will work only if your G-sync is off.
  3. Turn the settings off or disallow respectively that were mentioned below or shown in image.
  • GSYNC – Application Mode
  • GSYNC – Application Requested State
  • GSYNC – Application State
  • GSYNC – Global Feature
  • GSYNC – Global Mode

Now we will do settings that are good to go with everyone. Change the following settings to given respective values in Nvidia Profile Inspector.

  • Maximum pre-rendered frames (change to 1)
  • Prefered Refreshrate (change to Highest available)
  • Vertical Sync (change to Force off)
  • NVIDIA Predefined FXAA Usage (change to Disallowed)
  • Prevent Anisotropic filtering (change to On)
  • CUDA – Force P2 State (change to Off)
  • Memory Allocation Policy (change to Moderate Pre Allocation)

And click on Apply Changes in the top right corner.

ReBAR settings

The ReBAR or Resizable bar is available only in new GPU systems. Therefore you have to check, whether your GPU supports ReBAR or not. And is it on or off. You can check this in the Nvidia Control Panel. In the bottom left corner, click on System Information and search for Rebar or Resizable Bar. And then check, is it on or not? If you can not find Rebar there, it means your GPU does not support the ReBAR.

If ReBAR is enabled in your GPU, then follow the given instructions.

  1. In Nvidia Profile Inspector, click on the magnifying glass icon in the tool bar.
  2. Some more settings will appear under the Unknown section.
  3. Find these three serial numbers and and change their respective settings:
  • 0x000F00BA (change to 1 from 0)
  • 0x000F00BB (change to 1 from 0)
  • 0x000F00FF (change to serial no. which has 4)

If you want to set it for all games, so keep a check that, the search bar in the tools menu has Global Driver Profile.

If you want to set these settings for some specific games, then choose the game in the search bar. And then Apply these settings. If you want to restore the rebar settings, just click on the setting, and on the right side of the setting option, you will see a restore button.

Just apply these settings and have a fun and improved gaming experience. these settings can force the ReBar on any game.

MSI Enabling

To enable the MSI in your GPU, you have to download a new MSI utility managing application. To download, click here. When you have got the application, run it as an administrator.

  1. In the MSI Utility, find your Graphic card and mark the MSI checkbox in front of your Graphic card.
  2. Now change the, interrupt priority to high of your graphic card. And you are done.

Just apply these settings and your GPU is done with increased performance.


These are the hidden Nvidia settings, which can boost the fps by 25% of your game.

Apply these settings and enjoy the upgraded gameplay. Share your valuable feedback with us. Please do not change any other setting in the control panel or profile inspector, because it can ruin your whole experience.

If you have changed any other setting by mistake, then find the green-colored Nvidia logo in the toolbar, and click on it to restore the default settings. And do remember that, these will restore all the changes you have made till that point in your Control panel settings too.

All the credits go to Panjno

All the credits go to Panjno for making this awesome video for us. Have fun gaming. All the best.

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