Obby But You Are A Ball Complete Guide (Tips & Tricks)

Obby But you are a ball complete

Welcome to another Roblox guide by Futuregaming. This time around we will be looking at Obby but you are a ball and everything related to the game. Also to mention, only 0.2% of the people have beaten this game since the time it was released in June 2022.

Planetarium Dev develops this game and there are 120 stages in the game as of December 2022. As the name suggests, this is also an obstacle course game but you won’t be playing as your normal Roblox avatar, but as a Ball.

Obby but you are a ball future gaming 1
Obby but you are a ball – Image via Planetarium Dev

Game controls

In this game, you can move as you usually do with the W, A, S, D keys. Alongside jumping, you can also perform double jumps which players call Boosting (Jumping again mid-air).

You can cancel your momentum mid-air by Boosting and all change directions mid-air but you cannot stop the ball rolling while in the air.

Obby but you are a ball stages
Image via Dolphek


There are a total of 13 badges in the game which you earn as you progress the game. You receive the first badge when you play the game. Then you receive badges for every 10 levels starting at the 10th level.

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If you fall from the platform you will be respawned at the last checkpoint that you passed through. If you see colourful bricks spread on the platform be careful not to come in contact with them or you will be sent back to the checkpoint.

obby but you are a ball obstacles
Image via Flamingo

Working Codes

Currently, there are no active codes in the game. If the devs add any we will update this article.

That’s it for this article. For more gaming-related content, news, tips, and tricks visit

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