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Apex Legends Mobile: Play like a Pro Octane (Complete Guide)

Since the release of the mobile version of the popular shooter Apex Legends, the hype surrounding the game and its popularity seems to have been reignited. Many players are experiencing the game for the first time and many experienced players are hopping back.

We are sure many of you must be trying out different champions to learn how to play with them since the game is filled with unique characters and every character brings a unique set to the team. One of the most exciting champions in Apex Legends is Octane and this guide is all about him and how you can get those sweet wins using him.

Octane’s Kit and How to Fully Use it

One of the most important things you need to keep in mind while learning a champ is that you have to be completely familiar with what abilities and usage your character will bring to the table. Below is the list of Octane’s abilities and some tips we think you should know.

  • Passive Ability- Swift Mend
    One of the most useful passive abilities of the game is undoubtedly Octane’s Swift Mend as this ability slowly regenerates Octane’s health over a period of time. This is great as this provides Octain great advantage in long drawn out fights and gives him more sustainibilty

    Pro Tip– Use your passive healing to save meds like bandages when safe and out of combat
  • Tactical Ability- Stim Shot
    Octane injects himself with a serum that allows him to sprint significantly faster at a cost of 10% of your health. This is a great ability with a lot of potential use and is much better than it may seem on paper. Combined with Octane’s passive this ability complements the kit of Octane perfectly.

    Pro Tip– Use your stim shot to both engage and surprise your enemies as well as run away and defend yourself from a possible death. Also, you should always use your stim shot to push a weakened team or chase them.
  • Ultimate Ability- Launch Pad
    Octane’s Ultimate allows him to place a jump pad and jump at massive heights and provides insane mobility to the player. The ultimate may be cool and even great for flashy plays but in terms of utility it is the weakest in his kit.

    Pro Tip– Use you jump pads to reach a higher ground and be in an advantage in case of teamfights.

Octane’s Playstyle and Weaknesses

Octane is one of the most mobile champions in the game and as a player, you have to maximize his mobility in order to get the most out of him. He is great to surprise your enemies get a pick and run away, you will have to adapt to a very slippery style when playing octane.

He is great for gunfights as his tactical ability allows him to strafe better and avoid damage and his speed allows him to get up close really easily, combine this with his passive healing Octane is a beast when it comes to combat.

But the drawbacks of Octane are also very clear since he is one of the least team-centric characters you can choose with almost no team utility to speak of. Octane also has one of the weakest ultimates in the game which is more of a show than actually being useful.

Octane is great for those players who are always looking for engagements and love to have an advantage in gunfights but not at all for those who focus on team play. If you truly commit to Octane and have good gun skills you can easily carry your teams but if not, you may find yourself winning more with a more balanced champ.

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