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Ogre Kingdoms Army Guide Total War: Warhammer 3 (Complete)

With the much-awaited return of the turn-based strategy game series Total War just around the corner, we have decided to take a look at the roster of the Ogre Kingdoms factions in the laster game in the franchise Total War: Warhammer 3.

About Ogre Kingdoms

As the name suggests, the ogre kingdom faction is filled with ogres who are described as being very large in nature and always ready to eat. These ogres are as tough as they come and after traveling the world settled in the mountains of Mourn where they established their kingdom. Their primary god is The Great Maw who is said to be very cruel in nature and is infamous for having unending hunger.


This guide will specifically be focusing on the roster of this faction. The roster is huge so many players will be left confused and overwhelmed when playing the game. Here we will cover everything you need to know about the units of the Ogre Kingdom so you can have a better understanding of what the faction offers and what type of build you may want to go for. The roster is split into 6 categories which are lords, heroes, infantry, cavalry, artillery, and monsters.


There are 4 lords in the ogre kingdom, these are-

  • GREASUS GOLDTOOTH – He is the primary legendary lord of this faction. He is a very combat focused lord and focuses on his melee combat. He also has a lot of amour piercing too but lacks in his defenses.
  • SKRAG THE SLAUGHTERER – The second lord of the Ogre kingdom is Skrag. Known for his powerful hooks and chains, this lord is a mennic to deal with. Best when fighting against crowds due to his aoe fighting style. However, you do need to be careful when dropping him straight into battle as he lacks armour and melee defence.
  • SLAUGHTERMASTER– He is the defensive and slightly tanky lord and also has good weapon damage which allows him to be very effective against infantary.
  • TYRANT – The final lord of the Ogre Kingdom is the tyrant. He is the cheapest lord you can get who primarily focuses on melee damage and has the highest armour out of all the lords.


There are 3 Heroes in the ogre kingdom.

  • Firebelly – He is the main caster of the army with his unique fire abilities. Due to his elemental properties he is great gainst units that are vulnerable to fire adn is always a great addition to the forces.
  • Butcher – He is the second heroes of the armour and is a jack of all trades as all of his stats are in the average range with weapon damage being the only aspect being slightly better.
  • Hunter – Hunter’s unique sapect is the ranged attacks that he can dish out dealing huge damage. Hunter is quite squishy though, so you may want to treat him as a glass cannon.


The Infantry of the ogre kingdoms consists of 6 units. Since these units do not have many special properties we will just cover the main aspect of their kit to give you an idea of what a particular unit brings to the table.

  • GNOBLARS – Basic expendable units to absorb enemy attacks.
  • GNOBLAR TRAPPERS – Expendable unit with more utility of being able to use traps to deal damage and slow enemies.
  • OGRE BULLS – Can also destroy walls and doors to creat an opening and also has a charge attack which is very useful against light armoured troops.
  • IRONGUTS – Better than the previous units with more armour, damage ,survivability and armour piercing.
  • MANEATERS – Damage dealing units with one having subclass the unique ability to be effective at both close and long ranged fighting.
  • GORGERS – They provide stealth options to the army. The gorgers have high anti armour and are great against infantary.


The cavalry consists of 3 units, these being –

  • SABRETUSK PACK – The fastest unit in the army, can be used to overwhelm ooponents using their speed.
  • Mournfang Cavalry – Very hard hitting cavalry unit with high weapon damage and armour piercing with decent charge attacks. The unit lacks in melee defences so be careful before deploying them.
  • CRUSHERS – These are very similar to the Mournfang Cavalry but just with very superior stats. So if you can afford them always go for them.


There are also two monsters in the Ogre Army these are –

  • GIANT– Huge strength and weapon damage with good armour piercing stats. They can even be as strong as a tyrant however they are very susceptible to missiles so avoid putting them in situations where they are exposed to a lot of missile fire.
  • STONEHORN – Stonehorn is a massive tank with alot of weappn damgae armour piercing and nice charge bonuses. It is very good against infantary based armies.


There are only 2 artillery units found in the ogre kingdom

  • LEADBELCHERS – They wield massive cannons that provide huge armour piercing from a range. They are very good to deal damage to units before they fight your melee based units.
  • IRON BLASTER – This a an incredibly strong canon with huge range of 380 and 1500 missile strength. This is one of the hardest hitting units in the entire roster.
  • SCRAPLAUNCHER – Your go to anti infantary artillery which deals damage in an area of effect. This launcher however, is very weak against armour so it is mainly suitable for infantary units.

This is all you need to know about the roster of the ogre kingdom to get into the game and start building your own army builds to conquer your foes in TOTAL WAR: WARHAMMER III

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