Outriders Worldslayer All Journal Locations in 2022 (Updated)

In Outriders Worldslayer there are totally different adventures and collectibles to complete the mission, Journals are one among them. There’s a complete of 5 locations wherever at every location you wish to look the realm for the journals. During this guide Outriders Worldslayer All Journal Locations, we are going to discuss everything you wish to seek out in all journal locations.

The journals in Outriders Worldslayer are scattered amongst 5 locations: Driftwater, Black flume, Destroyed Rift city, Exile Capital, and Null point. At every location, players have to be compelled to rummage around for journals or complete quests to earn entries.

Detailed method to acquire these journals

Driftwater Journals:-
  • Salvador’s research – the journal is to the left of Dr. Zahedi on the table within the camp close to the start of the region.
  • Journal of Village Head Ezekiel – moving towards the outskirts, go straight up the wood ramp and into the shack. The journal is in a very metal cupboard on the rear wall of the shack.
  • Journal of a villager – leave the shack and follow the wood path behind the building and across a bridge that heads to the right side. like a shot when the bridge, bear right once more and go in the barn. The journal is positioned on the ground close to the doorway.
  • Journal of an Insurgent Captain – Make your move towards the harbor. Head through the building that’s lit up with the orange glow of a fireplace. within the next adjacent building, the insurgent captain’s journal in Worldslayer should be on the ground.
  • Salvador’s unsent Letter – the last journal for Driftwater is on the road back to the Outskirts of Driftwater close to the stream.
Black Gultch Journals
  • Sewer Note – enter the massive blue sewer pipe. Follow the trail and therefore the journal is on the right-hand aspect close to the primary open branching sewer pipe.
  • ECA POW’s Journal – head to death row. The journal is on the ground close to a fire barrel.
  • Prisoner’s Journal – from within death row, activate the Crane, which able to seems like a blue gear marker on the screen. Head straight through the gap. The journal is in AN open prisoner’s cage slightly to the left of the middle.
  • Soldier’s Journal – Make your move towards the Black Gulch Quarry. Travel down the wood ramps, and to the right-side before the long bridge is the last journal entry for Black gulch.
Exile Capital Journals
  • Muddy Page city from Commander Ereshkigal’s Journal – attend the Plaza of Exiles and head towards the big open building. The journal is going to be on the left, close to the metal floor grate, in AN open containment unit.
Destroyed Rift Town Journals
  • ECA Report on Defeating Hounds – From camp, follow the trail down. The journal is on the bottom behind 2 men standing close to the fireplace barrel.
  • Soldier’s Journal – this can be solely obtainable on the second visit to the eery Rift city in Worldslayer and can’t be found beforehand. Head to the Perimeter Wall. Keep your look towards the burning building, walk to the left of the barricade and therefore the journal is on the ground close to the steps.
  • Torn Page from Shira’s Journal – this can be solely obtainable on the second visit to Rift city and can’t be found beforehand. Go back to the beginning of the Perimeter Wall space and go down the flight of stairs. The last journal for Destroyed Rift city is on a table at the lowest of the steps.
Null Point Journals
  • Salvador’s Journal #1 – From the convoy at camp, head to the trail marked by the green flag. At the fork within the path, head right, and therefore the journal is on the ground beneath a brown flag.
  • Salvador’s Journal #2 – head to Null point. Walk towards the blue glowing Worldslayer fragment, and it’ll be on the correct behind a little picket fence barricade next to some artifacts.
  • Salvador’s Journal #3 – from the identical location, Null Point, head towards the green flag. The journal is on the far side of the green flag, on the right of the trail, by some bedding associated with an extinguished fire.
  • Salvador’s Journal #4 – continued uphill from wherever the third journal entry was placed. The last journal is on a bench on the right-hand portion of the trail.

And these are all the journals in the game which you can search around for. Hope this guide is useful to you and with that this article comes to a conclusion.

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