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Overwatch 2 All Error Fix – Beta, Server, Controller & More

Overwatch 2 has become one of the most controversial games of our generation with many of the fans of the original Overwatch being disappointed with the lack of support that game is getting due to the release of the sequel. And with the constant delays and lack of transparency on the part of the developers, many players have already hopped off the Overwatch 2 hype train.

But the game still has that snappy gameplay the original is known for and players who have played the game in Beta are praising the game for its steps in the right direction and overall gameplay improvements. We hope that the game is able to convince the players and Overwatch as a franchise could once again reach the heights of popularity it once had.

The first Overwatch 2 beta went live on April 26, 2022, with many players complaining about different errors in the game. Today we will be looking at such errors that you may encounter while trying to play Overwatch 2 beta and how you can solve them for a smooth gaming experience.

Beta Invite Not Working

Many players have faced the issue of not being able to play the Beta even after getting an invite from the developers through their email ids. This is a very annoying error as getting a Beta invite is not very easy and still not being able to play even after getting an invite is just infuriating.

Fix – However, there is a simple fix that has worked out for most of the players. Here is what you need to do in case you face this error –

  • Launch Battle.Net
  • Click on Overwatch
  • Locate the Overwatch 2 Tech beta option.
  • Install the game

You should be able to play the game now just make sure to close all the blizzard services before reinstalling the game as it can cause to error to show up again.

Unexpected Server Error

Another major error that players are facing right now is the Unexpected Server Error where players are being disconnected from the Overwatch servers due to the high traffic of players attempting to get into a match. The huge number of invites sent by the developers is now backfiring as most of the players with invites are jumping right into the game to try out the new game.

Fix – Unfortunately, there is no concrete fix for this problem, but there are a few things that you can try if you face this problem-

  • Try Reconnecting to the server
  • Try to log in at a different time when less traffic is expected

Low Framerate

There have been a lot of complaints of players having very low frame rates compared to the previous Overwatch game, this is due to the reason that Overwatch 2 is a more heavy game for your PC to run. To get rid of this problem you will have to play around with your settings and find a mix between graphics and framerate.

Fix- If you continue to face framerate issues here are some things that you should try out –

  • Turn off the frame buffer
  • Turn down anti-aliasing
  • Turn dynamic reflections down or off
  • Turn on FSR and lower your render resolution

Controller Not Working Fix

Even though the preferred way of playing Overwatch is with a mouse and keyboard, many players continue to play the game with a controller even on PC. Many players doing so have faced the problem of random controller disconnects while playing the game.

Fix-Here are some things you should try out –

  1. Update Steam Client or Reinstall.
  2. Update your controller drivers in Device Manager.
  3. Force Off Input settings in steam big picture mode.
  4. Update your windows to the latest version.

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