How to Get Overwatch 2 beta Keys (Twitch Drops & More)

overwatch 2 beta keys

Overwatch 2 Beta Keys are one of the exclusive commodities in the Gaming Industry right now. With more and more people trying to get their hands on them every passing second. That is probably also why you’re here, so in this article, we will be highlighting all the possible methods to get the key for your beloved game.

While there are a lot of communities out there asking for an entire rework of their game because it is working on a very old system and has a lot of bugs, Overwatch has actually gone ahead and done that. Blizzard Entertainment announced a complete overhaul of their game a while ago and they’re finally starting to give out Overwatch 2 Beta keys.

The beta started on April 26, 2022, and since then, a bunch of people have got their hands on the key. The beta is already booming and here’s how you can get a key for yourself.

How to get Overwatch 2 Beta Keys

overwatch 2

There are multiple methods to get your hands on a key. There are currently three such methods and we’ll mention them all below.

Opt-in for the beta

As the first and easiest step, players can simply go to the Overwatch 2 website and opt-in for the series of beta tests. The beta that started on April 26 was only the first one and there are going to be multiple tests before the final release of the game.

To opt-in, go to the link mentioned above and log in through your Battlenet account. Once you’ve done that, you will see the option to opt-in at the bottom. Click on it and then all you’re supposed to do is wait for the developers to contact you with the key and licensing terms.

This is a good time to mention that players are required to have Overwatch as one of their owned games(or a free trial) to be able to play Overwatch 2 Beta.

Twitch Drops

Twitch is one of the most common websites for new games to give out their beta keys. This is because of the Twitch Drops system and it is the same for Overwatch 2 Beta Keys. Valorant also used this system to provide the game keys initially until they managed to launch it for everyone.

Twitch Drops for Overwatch 2 Beta keys were done on April 27, 2022, where you could watch any of the streamers that had drops enabled for 4 hours to get your very own key. These 4 hours are cumulative which means that if you watch for 1 hour on one streamer, you can finish the rest on another.

To get the progress towards receiving the key, you need to click on your avatar in the top-right, head over to settings and the connections. Here, you can connect your BattleNet account to twitch and you’re done. While the twitch drops for this round are currently over, Blizzard will most likely do another one so keep an eye out for that on their social media.

Overwatch League

Thankfully, applying for beta and then waiting or waiting for the next twitch drops isn’t the only way to get your hands on the Overwatch 2 Beta Keys. Overwatch League has announced that they are going to be providing keys during their OWL 2022 opening weekend.

These can be through codes during the official live stream or any other methods. So, if you’re desperate for that Overwatch 2 beta keys, make sure you tune in to this live stream.

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