Overwatch 2 Cheaters situation? Hackers in Beta? Gameplay

It had not even been a couple of days since the Overwatch 2 Beta came out, and the first clip of a cheater already surfaced in the community. This has already become one of the most talked-about topics in the Overwatch 2 community.

Apart from the bugs that are currently ruining the immersion in Overwatch 2, which we talked about in this article, there has been a cheater situation that has developed over the last few days. On 29th, the first few hacker clips came to light and made the entire Overwatch community really angry. We will highlight the reason for this later but you can see one of the clips down below.

Overwatch 2 Cheater Situation

As you can see in the clip above, there is a person using aimbot on the beta already. While cheating is a petty thing to do regardless of the situation, doing it in beta with no Competitive mode makes the Overwatch 2 Cheater situation a really sad topic. There are also a bunch of other clips and one of them shows a person showing a wallhack in custom mode, etc.

The community is extremely disappointed and angry because of this Overwatch 2 Cheater Situation. Overwatch has had cheating issues for a long time now and this was one of the reasons for the game to decline in popularity. If you were playing rank, it would be a miracle if you went 3 games in a row without getting a cheater. This also led to rise of a situation where the good players started getting accused of cheating as well and the health of the game overall just went downhill.

Blizzard had multiple waves of bans where they banned over 15000 people each, but the cheater issue never stopped because their Anti-Cheat was really weak. Overwatch 2 cheater situation has triggered all of these issues and players are starting to think that they haven’t made any progress to repel cheaters. Here’s what could be the reason for cheaters to surface so early into the beta:

  • One of the reasons for this could be that the cheaters could simply use the same hacking tools from Overwatch 1 with a little bit of tinkering, or maybe even none at all. This would mean that Overwatch 2 Beta is using the same anti-cheat as Overwatch 1 and people are hoping that’s not the case.
  • Another possible reason for this could be the anti-cheat of Overwatch 2 being slightly related to the Overwatch 1 anti-cheat and that led to hackers finding an easy way to cause this Overwatch 2 cheater situation.

While people are hoping Blizzard addresses this issue soon, it is not an easy task to do so. Addressing hackers/cheaters in a game is a money-demanding process and it doesn’t stop at one firewall. It is a constant back and forth. If Blizzard did develop a firewall to prevent the current cheats, there would be more advanced cheats in the future. Thus, Overwatch 2 cheater situation is a tricky one to terminate.

Nonetheless, we hope the situation gets better. That was all for the cheater situation in Overwatch 2.

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