Overwatch 2: All Health Pack Locations in Paraiso


Overwatch 2 is an upcoming sequel to the 2016 shooter game Overwatch. It is being developed by Blizzard Entertainment and is currently in open beta. The game is supposed to have cooperative missions while maintaining a shared environment for PvP modes.

Players can now enjoy the addition of a new Tank-class hero, Junkerqueen, and new skins for their beloved classic characters from the original Overwatch. Paraiso, a new hybrid map, is also included in the game. This map, centred on Lucio’s club, has charming alleyways to flank and a lovely beach. Additionally, it features a number of Health Pack locations that players need to be aware of.

Follow this guide to know the health pack locations in the game.

Health Packs Locations

As an attacker, there will be a health pack to your left as you emerge from your spawn. It is a massive health pack with some front-row natural cover.

Near the shore, a second health pack is on the street corner. Although it is exposed from all sides, the wall provides a small amount of protection.

There is a third health pack just before the hide. It has a good deal of cover and is concealed beneath the tram.


Objective Health Packs Locations

Located in the Padaria store, this Mini Health Pack is bright yellow. Opening to the opposite side of the map is the building to find the same.

Choke Point Health Packs Locations

If you’re attacking and have spawned towards the left, you can find a Mini Health Pack. Unfortunately, there isn’t much protection from approaching direct fire.

At the end of the main road, there is a Mega Health Pack. This health pack is particularly excellent for flankers seeking a cunning pick-off of the target.


Push Path Health Packs Locations

A Mini Health Pack may be found in the Supermercado to the left if you are approaching from the attacking spawn and to the right if you are arriving from the defenders.

If you turn right after the attacking spawn at the purple building, you will find a Mega Health Pack in the back alley. If you’re approaching from the defender’s spawn, you can also enter it through the red butchery structure.

Just before Club Sinestesia’s entrance, there is a hidden Mega Health Pack. It provides access to the club’s flanking path and is located adjacent to the yellow garage-door structures.


Overwatch 2 is expected to release in October later this year, with a motive to replace the original game.

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