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Whenever we start playing any new game, unless you have an absolute beast of a PC, some lag issues are bound to happen. Overwatch 2 has released its first beta so these lag issues can be more common than usual. In this article, we will list a bunch of fixes for both Frame lag and Latency issues that can potentially help you with the Overwatch 2 Lag fix.

How to fix frame lag in Overwatch 2

Frame lag can be really annoying, especially in a PvP FPS game like Overwatch. If you have anything lower than 60 frames, your screen feels very stuttery and you skip frames which gives the enemy a heavy advantage over you unless you’re always shooting everywhere. So, here are a few things that you can try out to fix your frame lag.

Disable startup applications

Overwatch 2 Lag fix
Disable Startup Applications

This is the most obvious yet the most ignored step when it comes to fixing FPS in games. When you start up your computer, there are a bunch of applications that start up automatically in the background, taking up your CPU usage which in turn reduces your frames while playing. While this isn’t noticeable on a good PC, if you need Overwatch 2 Lag fix, this can be one of the most helpful steps for you.

To do this, just open your task manager, head over to startup from the top, and disable all the applications that aren’t necessary to startup automatically. You can still open all of these yourself whenever you want.

Reduce your Graphics Settings

Since Overwatch 2 is in its first beta, it might not be able to judge the best graphics for you automatically. One of the most important steps for the Overwatch 2 Lag fix is to check on your graphic settings. You can do this by going to settings in-game and switching to graphics. Try reducing the settings little by little until you have no lag.

Overclocking your GPU

This is a method that can boost your performance in any game at any given point. There are a lot of nuances to overclocking your GPU and it also tends to reduce your PC’s life in some cases so do it at your own risk, but it is a good method for Overwatch 2 Lag fix.

Overwatch 2 Lag fix – Overclocking

Update your Graphics Card Driver

Last but not the least, in order to fix your frames per second in Overwatch 2, you can try to check if all of your drivers are fully up-to-date. Sometimes, our drivers aren’t updated, even the main ones, and we have no clue about it. You can do this by going to Geforce Experience if you’re on an NVIDIA Graphics card.

That will be all for the Overwatch 2 Lag fix for FPS. Now, we’ll discuss some of the methods to fix ping/latency/internet lag.

How to fix the Latency issue in Overwatch 2

Latency issues can be as annoying as the frame lags, if not more. Here are a few fixes that can possibly fix your ping or latency issues in Overwatch 2.

Check your server

The first thing to do to try and do for your Overwatch 2 Lag fix is to make sure you’re on the correct server. Since it’s the first beta, it could put you in the wrong server sometimes which is really far away. Make sure that you’re in the server closest to you and if you’re still having latency issues, move on to the next method.

Use an Ethernet Cable

This might sound like an obvious solution for some of you, but for those who are playing Overwatch 2 on a WiFi connection, it might be the best choice you’ll ever make to switch to an Ethernet. While 5GHz WiFi routers are competing with Ethernet, there are still some lag spikes here and there which are completely removed by the wired Ethernet connection. If you are already using an Ethernet, try to disconnect and reconnect the same.

Make sure the issue is not with the game server

Since Overwatch 2 is in beta, there is a heavy chance of you getting latency issues because of the game servers themselves. For the Overwatch 2 Lag fix, check the social media and other information sources for the game and see if they’re having a server problem currently.

That will do for all the latency fixes for Overwatch 2 as well. Hope this article was helpful

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