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How to do The Perfect Bartender Challenge in Genshin Impact

How to be The Perfect Bartender in Genshin Impact Bartender Challenge

Genshin Impact was released back in September of 2020 and still is going strong with many players returning for various updates the developers have in store. In the latest version of Genshin Impact, 2.5 players can be a bartender at Diluc’s bar Angel’s Share.

You can also complete various challenges to get some rewards. Today we are here to show you how you can complete the Bartender Challenge and get the title of Perfect Bartender in Genshin Impact.

The Perfect Bartender Challenge

This is one of the toughest Bartender Challenges to do so with a lot of random events and customer demands. So we will tell you what you need to get your customers according to what they say, here are all the things you need to know.

  • Strong coffee with a very intense flavor”– In case you get this order, you need to select Athenaeum and serve with +2 Coffee to get the order right.
  • “Cup of very potent coffee, something to really wake me up”– Again select Athenaeum and serve as is.
  • “Refreshing and fizzy juice”– Here you need to select Barbatos’ Boon and serve as in
  • “With a more refreshing taste”– In this case you would have to add +1 Mint to the Barbatos’ Boon
  • “Refreshing, sweet and sour tea”– If you get this order youll need to serve Tart Brilliance as is.
  • “Juice with some milk foam on top”– Serve Snow-Covered Kiss as in.
  • “Smooth afternoon tea”– Serve Scholar’s Afternoon as in.
  • “Some juice to get me going for a meal” and “Juice to get my stomach going”– Here serving Birch Sap will work on both the orders.

You can find the recipes in-game easily and put the required ingredients in them but you would have to memorize what you have to serve for what order and I hope this guide helps you get through one of the most infuriating bartender challenges in Genshin Impact 2.5.

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