How to Use Phantom Properly in Valorant (Guide)

Since the debut of Valorant, the audience has been torn between two options: Phantom or Vandal. All weapons have their advantages and disadvantages, giving them distinctive features. The Phantom and the Vandal have similar features, but their powers differ, necessitating distinct approaches to their use. This comprehensive instruction will help you improve your Phantom aim in particular.

Rifles are the weapon to choose if you desire more versatility than a Sniper can provide in long-range combat in Valorant. There are only four rifles among the 17 weaponry, two of which may be shot full-auto while staring down the lines. With the Phantom, you may click headshots and anticipate quick kills since it is one of the most efficient rifles in the game.

What is Phantom?

This weapon has a lot of potential for newbies and veterans. Here’s a comprehensive look at every feature so you can understand the Phantom. It is one of Valorant’s four Rifle-type firearms. It’s a strong and fast-firing rifle that costs 2,900 Creds and is ideal for mid-to-long-range confrontations

While playing quietly at a Spike-site or energetically on offensive phases, it may be a useful asset. This Rifle, which costs the same as the Vandal, has better-controlled recoil at the tradeoff of a minor damage reduction.

Is Phantom Good?

Phantom is one of the game’s most effective weapons, capable of rapidly dispatching opponents. However, there is a significant difference between a headshot and ordinary body damage. With each critical tap to the head in a normal mid-range combat, you’ll deliver 140 damage. Shots that hit the body, on the other hand, will only do 35 damage.

It is fairly pricey, costing 2,900 Creds. It is, nevertheless, worth it in terms of damage and reliability.

Damage Stats:

  • 30 magazine capacity.
  • Medium wall penetration.
  • The rate of fire is 11 rounds per seconds.

Spray pattern:

While firing in lengthy intervals, the Phantom has a lot of recoils. The firearm will rise as soon as you fire your first shot. Until around one second into the spray, your cursor will keep rising. At this point, the Rifle, like the Spectre, tends to dip from left to right regularly.

With the Phantom, shots will fire much over the position of your crosshairs. As an outcome, you’ll need to drop your mouse significantly as you continue to shoot. As you get more accustomed to the sequence, muscle memory will play a significant part.

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How to use the Phantom?

When To Purchase:

The Phantom isn’t the cheapest weapon in Valorant, costing 2,900 Creds. However, it is so expensive since it carries such a powerful impact. In the second phase, you shouldn’t try to full-buy and equip yourself with this Rifle. Lengthy, accumulating Creds until you can purchase the equipment that significantly goes with a successful strategy.

The firearm should not detract from the armor or talents of the character. If you’re not sure you’ll be able to afford the Phantom for numerous rounds in a line, go with a less expensive option until your funds improve. You can afford to full-buy and run with a Phantom after you’re well into a match and have thousands of Creds at your leisure.


One of the most appealing features of the Phantom is how stealthy it is. Flanking with this Rifle allows you to find a pick and move to a different area quickly. All without having to worry about your whereabouts being revealed by gunfire heard throughout the map.

Instead of holding down the trigger, try to choose your encounters and focus on sustaining controlled bursts of fire. Furthermore, once the spray pattern kicks in, remember to aim for the upper chest and manage the glide of your mouse. You’ll have a far better knowledge of when and how to employ the Phantom if you take all of this information into your next game.

Tips for a better Phantom aim:

  1. Positioning your crosshairs.
  2. Playstyle and Positioning
  3. In close combat, avoid using ADS.
  4. Spraying should be avoided.
  5. Avoid movement while shooting.
  6. Aggressive Peaking and closing gaps.

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