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Among Us now gg

Among us is a very popular game since it was launched. A ship full of humans got invaded by some aliens. The aliens are now in disguise and want to wipe out the whole population of spacecraft. Now that people on the spacecraft have to use their detective skills to find out the real sus, or everyone will die.

how to play among us on browser
Source: Among Us (Steam)

This multiplayer game includes two roles, the first is a crewmate and the second is an imposter. The crewmates have the task to repair the whole ship so that they can survive. But there were some imposters ( disguised aliens ), who are killing the crewmates. Now, crewmates can repair the whole ship or can use their detective skill to eject the imposter.

How To Play Among Us on Browser

This is a fun game when played with friends or with random people too. But not every time you have it installed on your device or you are just using someone else’s device. Here comes the rescue, now you can play it on your browsers too.

Play it on

Now it’s easy to access the Among us on anyone’s device. It is now easy to play it on the browser. Follow the following steps, and you can have fun.

how to play among us on browser online
Official Among us on Source:
  1. Search for “ among us” on google or any of the browsers on your device.
  2. Open the official website for among us. (Click here for the direct link)
  3. Click on Play on Browser.
  4. Now you are good to go with the detective cum puzzle game.

You can play more games on the official website of Hope you enjoyed this easy guide on How to play Among us on Browser.


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1 year ago

Ya, no forces you to give google login, only allows one-time browser play.

10 months ago

i keep lagging out but nothing is wrong with my internet.

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