How to Play Android Games on Steam Deck Easily (Guide)

The steam deck is a handheld device launched by Valve and Advanced Micro Devices which allows players to play any steam game on the go.

It was launched on 25 February 2022 with a positive reception overall with the major drawback being that you can only officially play steam games on the device which would leave out massive titles available on other platforms including mobile platforms like Android.

But what players might not know is there are ways around this problem, we have already covered how you can play Origin games and Nintendo games and today we bring you the guide on how you can play Android games on your steam deck.

Which Emulator to Use on Steam Deck

Officially you cannot play Android games on your steam deck, so to work around this you will have to install a third-party emulator for your android games to work.

There are many Android emulators for steam deck out there but the one we recommend you download is the LDPlayer emulator. Compared to other emulators we have observed that the LDPlayer is able to give the best performances out of a huge number of Android titles like Brawlstars, PUBG, etc.

Keep in mind that this emulator is not perfect and may struggle to run various games for which it would be a better choice to use another of the many Android Emulators.

How to Install Android Games on Steam Deck

  1. Switch to desktop mode – Switch to the desktop mode on your steam deck, this can be done by going to the power setting which can be accessed from the steam button at the bottom left of your screen.
  2. Download LDPlayer – Once in desktop mode just simply download the LDPlayer from the browser to your steam deck.
  3. Add as a non-steam game – You will next need to add the LDPlayer to your Steam library as a non-steam game you can do this by selecting the Games option on the upper bar of your steam screen and adding a non-steam game to your library. Once added make sure to check the -force the use of steam play compatibility tool, which can be accessed through the properties setting of the file.
  4. Run LDPlayer from your library – You will now be able to run the emulator from your library and enjoy any android titles you want.

Thanks for reading the article, I hope this article helped you install android apps on Steam Deck. If you need more guides like this one, make sure to follow us on all our social media.


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