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How to Play BGMI (or any other game) on Cloud – Bluestacks X

Want to Play Android Games Online on Cloud? without even downloading on your device, then here we have an amazing method that you can use to play any android game online.

If you are not aware of Cloud gaming, this is a new technology where you can play games online without hardware support.

The Platform, which is used here to play games on Cloud is Bluestacks X. It allows players to play any android game on their browser, which is in the beta phase right now.

What is Cloud Gaming?

Cloud Gaming is the technology of future for the gamers. Cloud Gaming allows you to play any game on the internet or Cloud, which has nothing to do with your hardware.

It means Cloud Gaming stability is only dependent upon your internet quality, not hardware specifications. So, if you are a low-end gamer, or don’t have good graphics on mobile/PC, cloud gaming is for you.

What is Bluestacks X

With Cloud gaming technologies, there are some Platforms that allow you to play games on the cloud. One of the best platforms for Mobile Gaming on the Cloud is Bluestacks X.

Bluestacks X is the new feature of Bluestacks Emulator which is currently in beta state, which means it is been tested, and it may have bugs and crashes. But still, it is working great for many of them.

How to Play Games on Bluestacks X

To play games online, you need to start it by registering to the official Bluestacks X site, then you will see lots of free games there, that you can select to play.

However, only a few games are there which are highlighted, that are made to work without any bugs and errors.

To Start Playing on Bluestacks X, follow –

  • Visit Official Bluestacks X Site
  • Click Play on Cloud (Beta) Button
  • Tap on Profile on Top right & Sign in
  • Find your best game
  • Tap Play on Cloud
  • Skip the Ads & Play

Play BGMI (or any Game) on Bluestacks X

If you have played enough on Bluestacks X, you will see there are only a few games on the main page, which are only boring and does not include games like – Free Fire, BGMI, Call of Duty.

Here are the steps, by which you can easily play any game on Bluestacks X, by doing some simple steps.

1) Go to Bluestacks X & Sign in

The First step is to Sign in to the Official Bluestacks X site, Go to the site here, Tap on the “Play on Cloud” Blue button, you will see lots of games there, tap on the profile icon on the top right, and sign in there.

2) Start POP! Slots

The first game that you need to start here is the POP! Slots. Do not start any other game or this will not work. Go Down on the site, Until you see the More Cloud Games list there. Tap on POP! Slots and Play on Cloud.

3) Click on “Terms and Service”

If the game opens for you directly, then you are lucky or you have to wait for two video ads to go through and skip. After skipping the ads, you will see the game login screen but do not login into the game here.

Tap on the TERMS OF SERVICE button right at the bottom of the page, which will redirect you to the chrome browser.

4) Search “Playstore” on Google

Now, after clicking Terms of Service, you will see a browser that will be open. Go to the Search bar and search “Playstore”. Go a little down until you see the official Google Play site. Click on the link, which will redirect you to the Playstore now.

5) Download & Insall the Game

After you reach Playstore, it will ask you to login in there. Login with your account which you will be needed for the BGMI login or any other that you like. Search for your game on the Search and Tap Install button there.

6) Login & Play

After you had to download the game, which will be downloaded very quick, Tap Play and the game will start to open, just like on Mobile devices, Select your packages, Login to the game, and Play!

This is how you can play any game on the Cloud Platform (Bluestack X) in an indirect way. This will only depend on your Internet quality, also you can play on any graphics quality which extends up to max UltraHD graphics.

If you have less RAM or have fewer graphics on your device, then you can easily play on Cloud Platform without downloading on your device.

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Nikhil Kumar

Nikhil Kumar is a Future Gaming site Professional writer who focus more on Game guides, Error Fixes, and some interesting How-to posts for needy ones. Detailed and Unique posts are always coming from me and written in easy language for better understanding.

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