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How To Play Lost Ark NA/EU in All Blocked Countries (Guide)

Lost Ark play in any blocked region

If you are looking for a simple guide that can help you to start playing the Lost Ark in your blocked region, then you are at the right place because, in the article, I will tell you the only better way to play lost Ark in all countries/regions without any problems.

Lost Ark is a 2.5D fantasy MMORPG game. The game is set to release on Feb 11, 2022, officially. Lost Ark is getting popular day by day because of its unique playstyle and fabulous graphics.

Lost Ark has finally been released in NA and EU regions, and it’s unfortunate to see that people who are most eager to play aren’t able to hop in the game and get to experience it by themselves. But don’t you worry, we are here to help you play the Lost Ark in your region without any pings issues.

How to Play Lost Ark in any Blocked Countries/Region

Follow the steps and requirements given below to start playing Lost Ark in your region for free.


  • A VPN or ExitLag.
  • A Brain.
  • Basic Computer Knowledge.

Method 1: Play Lost Ark in any country without VPN

If you don’t want to play the game via VPN, you can ask your friend in the NA or EU region to make you a brand new steam account from that region. Then ask for that account information. After that, log in to your steam client and start downloading the game.

Method 2: Play Lost Ark in any region with VPN

If you don’t have a friend in any of the regions, Follow the steps given below to play Lost Ark in any region or country with the help of a VPN.

  1. First Download any free VPN like Proton VPN or any other VPN you like.
  2. After that connect to the server close to your for me its EU.
  3. Now you have to make a free steam account.
  4. After completing all of the main steps login in via steam client.
  5. Download the Lost Ark on your PC and start playing.

How to Buy Founder’s Pack in Lost Ark from any region

If you want to buy the Founders Pack in Lost Ark from the blocked region, follow the steps below.

  1. Visit G2A and then buy steam gift card for yourself. (make sure its based on your region).
  2. After that you have bought it redeem the gift card.
  3. Buy the founders pack.
  4. Enjoy your Game 🙂
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