How to play multiplayer in Minecraft TLauncher with friends via LAN?

Minecraft is a game that refuses to die. Released on 18th November 2011, this almost 11-year-old Sandbox Video Game is #7 for most watched games, in the past 30 days on Twitch. With supported platforms including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, Xbox One, Switch, and PlayStation, Minecraft is everywhere.

With popular Youtubers and Streamers like PewDiePie, QuackityToo, Dream, Tommyinit, and our beloved late Technoblade supporting it, Minecraft stands strong to the likes of others sandboxes like Grand Theft Auto 5, Fortnite, Roblox, and Gary’s Mod.

Mojang also regularly updates Minecraft and adds downloadable content on a frequent basis. Playing Minecraft alone is a fun and calming experience, thanks to the in-game music by C418. But playing with your friends is a whole different level of delight.

You can hunt the Ender-Dragon together, build massive structures together, hold Block Races, play Battle Royale, and even play Bed-Wars together.

Here are the steps to play multiplayer in Minecraft Tlauncher with friends via LAN:-

1. Connecting your PCs to the LAN

In order to play with your friends, ensure that all of them are on the same WiFi or connected via the same router using RJ45 cables.

2. Choose your Mode and Create your World

Now you choose what mode to do with your friends. An Old-School Survival, Terrifying Hardcore, or the most-chosen, Creative. After choosing and naming your world, follow the next steps.

3. Find your IP Address

There are two ways of finding your IP Address:-

3.1 Using Command Prompt

  • Search cmd in the windows search
  • Type “ipconfig” and press enter
  • Most local IPs start with 192.168. Check for this number and copy your IP Address

3.2 Using Network Settings

  • Click on Start and go to Settings
  • Click on Network and Internet
  • Click on WiFi or Ethernet
  • Click on Hardware Properties
  • Find IPV4 Address and note down your IP Address

4. Connecting Inside TLauncher

4.1 Connecting other players

  • After launching your world, press Esc and click on “Open to LAN”.
  • Now combine the code like this. IP Address + : + Port
  • Eg.
  • Your friends need to click on “Direct Connect” and enter this code

4.2 Connecting over the internet

  • Download Hamachi and create an account (Done by all users)
  • Click on “Create a new Network” and create a password
  • Share this information with your friends and let them connect to your network
  • In Minecraft, click on “open to LAN” and create code with hamachi IP Address + open to LAN code
  • Send code to your friends and let them connect via Direct Connect

Common Problems and Solutions

  • “Invalid Session” or “Check User Name” error appears.

Solution: Run the version with TL icon. Check whether in “Account Management” -> “Use TLauncher skins” checkbox is activated (in the launcher).

  • “$AnnotatedConnectException: Connection time out: no further information” error appears.

Solution: Run the version with TL icon.

  • Chunk loading is in progress, but immediately after that the server drops the connection (there is a disconnection).

Solution: Disable the Antivirus/Firewall and try again.

  • 1.14.2: Bad packet ID 26; 1.13.2: Bad packet ID 27; 1.7.10: is stuck on Logging in… or “received string length longer than maximum allowed”

Solution: The length of your nickname should not be more than 16 characters.

  • LAN world not showing up.

Solution: Click on your connected WiFi and click properties—Set Network Profile to Private. Search in Windows, “Allow an app through Windows Firewall”. Tick all JAVA(TM) SE Binary. Click on allow another app. Click on TLauncher. Try again.

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