Ryujinx Switch Emulator: Play Pokemon Legends Arceus 60 FPS

get 60 fps in pokemon legends arceus

If you are looking for a very basic guide that can help you emulate the Pokemon Legends Arceus at 60 FPS in Ryujinx Switch Emulator, then you are at the right place because this method can help you get better frames per second and improve the overall quality of the game.

Playing Pokemon Legends Arceus on PC with Ryujinx Switch Emulator is pretty awesome, right? But getting 60 FPS on average and a Low-end PC is quite difficult, but using the settings we provided can help you achieve 60 FPS in Arecus on Ryujinx Switch Emulator.

How to get 60 FPS in Pokemon Legends Arceus PC

60fps in pokemon arceus

Please keep in mind this method is only for the base version of the game Pokemon Legends Arceus and only works with Ryujinx Switch Emulator. So you don’t have to worry about making your own config.

  1. First you have to Download the 60 FPS Mod File for v1.0.0 (by: theboy181).
  2. Extract the 60 FPS Mod file for Arceus on your Desktop.
  3. After that you have to open the Ryujinx Switch Emulator.
  4. Now Select Pokemon Legends Arceus and right-click on the Icon of the game.
  5. After that select “Open Mods Directory” and now simply drag the 60 FPS folder in the mods directory of Ryujinx Switch Emulator.
  6. Keep in mind that this mod works with base version of the game which is 1.0 and 1.0.1
  7. Thats it, its easy as that now you have 60 FPS in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Video Tutorial to get 60 FPS in Pokemon Legends Arceus

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