How to Download & Play Pokemon Legends Arceus on Mobile

Pokemon Legends: Arceus has just been launched, and every pokemon fan is playing it right now. Unfortunately, it is only accessible on Nintendo Switch, which the majority of people do not own.

Don’t worry. Here’s how to play Pokemon Legends Arcuies on Android without interruptions or glitches.

Most of the players will be familiar with those who have already played prior Pokemon titles on Android; this is just for those who are new to running switch games on Mobile.

How to Play Nintendo Games on Android?

Emulators are the most excellent software for playing games from various devices on a PC. You’ll need two items to play Nintendo games on your Android: an Emulator and a ROM.

An emulator is a piece of software that emulates the hardware of a retro console, allowing you to open and play these classic games on your computer. And A ROM is a clone of the original game disc.

You must launch the Emulator, insert the ROM, and make a few minor changes to the Emulator before you can play Nintendo games on it.

Please keep in mind that we do not claim any ROM, and providing ROM Links (files extracted from cartridges or discs) might be both unlawful and dangerous. This is merely a guide, thus no ROM links are included.)

How to Play Pokemon Legends Arceus on Mobile for Free?

Before proceeding with the steps, ensure that you have obtained the Pokemon Legends Arceus ROM file, the game file necessary to load into the Emulator. We will not provide it here because of copyright issues.

  1. Download the Dolphin Emulator from here.
  2. For some people Dolphin emulator doesnt work properly, So I will suggest you to download any Nintendo Emulator for android devices.
  3. Download the most recent version of Pokemon Legends Arceus Rom. (Link not provided here)
  4. Start the emulator, navigate to File -> Open the Dolphin Folder, and select the ROM file.
  5. After that head back to the emulator settings and select the best settings for your android nintendo emulator eg: resolution, dpi and more.
  6. After you add it, the game will show in the list. Double-click it to run it. Enjoy!

What are the Best Nintendo Switch Emulators for Android?

There are numerous switch emulators that are good and perform well in running both old and new Nintendo games, but the two finest ones that are suggested and come out on top are Dolphin and Skyline.

So, make sure you go to their website and read the complete instructions there, or read the documentation, precautions, and requirements when running the Android Nintendo Emulator.

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Jack riley
Jack riley
11 months ago

Hi, could you possibly tell us the website or any sort of hint to where the rom is I am having sm trouble