The Cycle: Frontier – How to Add & Play with Friends (Guide)

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The Cycle: Frontier is one of the new game series of ‘The Cycle’ that was developed by Yager Development. It is a 2022 fps (first person shooter) game released on the Microsoft Windows platform.

This game is set in a universe of interstellar. Here, players hold on to the role of mercenaries with the job of completing contract missions on the planet: Fortuna III. The contract matches consist of a total of 20 players, playable in solo, duo or in squad.

Playing With Friends

To play in a squad/in duo team, you would just have to add the friend through entry of username in-game. Everything is just a click away.

ADD Friend in Cycle Frontier

Players could face bugs in the game when adding friend, even when they could be friends on the steam. To troubleshoot such issue, you could proceed with the following:

  • You would have to remove your friend from Steam.
  • Then, restart your game and open the friends list.
  • On the search bar of ‘Add Friend’, input your friend’s unique in-game ‘Username’.
  • Add your friend and you could re-add your friend on ‘Steam’.

Hope this Explanation was helpful. For more information, watch the below videos from the respective youtube channel.

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