How to use Plus System properly in Battlefield 2042

battlefiled 2042 plus system

Battlefield is a challenging game. There is so much going on in between the battle. The game supports over 120 Players in a single match. You can get shot from long-range and short-range at any time. So Battlefield added a Plus System in-game that helps you quickly switch between your attachments in between the match.

Battlefield Plus System is the best way to change and go through all weapon attachments in between fights. While fighting an enemy at long range, you can easily switch to a long-range scope on your AR and quickly back to a short-range scope.

We have also created some guides on battlefield 2042. Battlefield has introduced Ribbons and new Cosmetics to unlock. Stay tuned with us for more.

How to enable Plus System on PC, Xbox, PS

The Plus system in the Battlefield is being used so many times in between battles we have already seen that in the leaked gameplay and the current open beta. The way you can switch between attachments is efficient.

  1. Plus System for PC:
    • You need to hold the T key on your keyboard, then press LMB (Left Mouse Button) to select the attachment, after that simply release the T key to equip.
  2. Plus System for Xbox:
    • You need to press and hold the LB button on your controller, use the buttons to select the preferd attachment, now release the LB button to equip.
  3. Plus System for PlayStation:
    • Simply hold the L1 button, now use the buttons to select the attachemnt, now release the L1 button to equip.

How to quickly switch between attachments in Battlefield 2042 using Plus System

Read the controls above that you need to enable the plus system in the game. Now you have to practice pressing that buttons repeatedly so that it becomes a habit (muscle memory).

Bonus Tip for PC Players: You can change the keybind T to something easy for you to access in between fights. For instance, I am using the mouse side button, so whenever someone comes in a close range, I quickly switch to a short-range scope.

Bonus Tip for controllers: When you are in a fight, quickly hold and use the direction keys and then let go. Even if you are slow, it doesn’t matter, but if you want to get fast and better, you have to try this multiple times to get better. (Hold and use the direction key and let go). Do this numerous times, and you are good to go.

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