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Pokemon Go: Failed to get Game Data from the Server (Fix)

Pokémon Go is an immersive open-world game that enables players to experience the Pokémon adventure in augmented reality. Players have to find and evolve all Pokémon to complete their Pokédex, and battle with other players online in PvP in this multiplayer RPG.

The game is part of the Pokémon franchise and was developed and published by Nintendo in 2016 for Android and iOS.

What is the ‘Failed to get Game Data from the Server’ Error

pokemonGoError 1

Users trying to connect or login into their Pokémon Go account typically experience this. The app does not load the user’s progress or allow the user to continue with the current progression when data synchronization with the server fails. It is generally caused by a conflict in the user’s game files that are stored locally on the device with the game files stored in the cloud.

This might be a server-side issue at most times. The developers are likely to announce if the servers are undergoing any unexpected interruption and the same can be checked from the game’s official Twitter page.


But if the servers seem to be running fine, the issue may be with your device or network. As the game runs online, it is essential for it to always be updated.

Check for these steps to resolve any possible issues.
  • Look for any updates to the game. Make sure that your phone has the latest game patch installed. Head over to the Play Store or the App Store to check for any updates.
  • Clear the cache of the game app. This might be the easiest way to fix the issue. Go to your phone’s settings and find the Pokémon Go app. Clear the cache data and relaunch the game.
  • Another thing to check is your Internet connection. Try switching to a different network and see if the error is resolved.
  • If none of the above-mentioned methods helps, you may try reinstalling the app. This resets all of the app’s data and removes any logged-in account. Uninstall the game and reinstall the same from Play Store or the App Store.
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