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Pokémon Legends Arceus: Best Settings For Yuzu Emulator

Pokemon Legends Arceus Best Settings For Yuzu Emulator

In this guide, we will tell you the best settings that you can use on the Yuzu Emulator for Pokemon Legends Arceus that will help you run the game smoother. Note that you can tweak these settings based on your likes and system configuration.

Pokemon Legends Arceus is an action role-playing game developed by Game Freak and Nintendo published the game. Players are already started loving the game and have many positive reviews.

What are the best settings for Yuzu Emulator?

Below are the best settings for the Yuzu emulator for Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Configuration Settings:

In the general section choose the following settings:

  1. Enable Multicore Emulation option.
  2. Enable Limit Speed Percent.

In the graphics section choose the following settings:

  1. Under API settings choose the API as OpenGL. Choose Vulkan if you have better system configuration.
  2. For shader backend use nvidia only.
NVDEC emulationGPU Video Decoding
Fullscreen ModeBorderless Windowed
ResolutionMax resolution supported(High-End PC)/ 1x(Low end pc)
Window Adapting FilterBilinear
Anti Aliasing MethodNone

In the graphics advance section choose the following settings:

  1. Enable Vsync as locks the fps and removes stuttering.
  2. Set Accuracy level as normal.
  3. Set anisotropic filtering as automatic.

Under CPU configuration leave it as auto as it itself provides the best possible support.

Choose audio as default and save these settings.

Nvidia Control Panel Settings:

  1. Press Windows Key and search for Nvidia control panel.
  2. Click on manage 3d settings and then click on program settings.
  3. Choose the emulator Yuzu emulator and set the below settings.
Preferred graphics processorHigh-Performance Nvidia Processor
Image SharpeningSharpening OFF
Open GL rendering GPUAuto-select
Shader cache sizeDriver Default
Texture FilteringOn, Allow, Quality, On
Threaded optimizationAuto
Triple BufferingOFF
Vertical SyncOFF

Set all other settings as off or to their default options.

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