Pokémon Legends Arceus: How to Get More Ultra Balls (Guide)

Pokemon Arceus get free Ultra Balls

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is exclusively out for the Nintendo Switch. The fans have been going crazy with the game and it is indeed beyond everyone’s expectations.

Ultra Balls provide the best odds when attempting to capture any wild Pokemon. These items are used to capture Pokemon in Pokemon Legend: Arceus. This time you will have to aim them towards a wild Pokemon to be able to catch it.

This mysterious ball has a higher success rate for catching Pokemon than a Great Ball or Poke Ball can do. This guide will help you learn how to get the Ultra Balls, or unlock the crafting recipes for an Ultra Ball.

How to Get More Ultra Balls Pokemon

How to get Ultra Balls in Pokemon Legend: Arceus

You get 10 Ultra Balls at the end of the main story but unfortunately, they don’t last for long. Next, you can buy the recipes to craft the Ultra Ball in exchange for Poke Dollars but that can be a problem throughout the game.

So, the only way to get the Ultra Balls is to Craft them. But you can only craft them once you have achieved a rank of Six Stars.

How to get Ultra Balls in Pokemon Legend: Arceus

As soon as you achieve this rank, Captain Cyllene will unlock the Ultra balls for you. She will also give you the recipe to be able to craft them yourself along with some max Potions. 

This is how you will get the Ultra Balls and unlock the crafting ability in Pokemon Legend Arceus.

To craft Ultra Balls, you will need three crafting materials: –

  • 1 Apricorn
  • 2 Tumblestones
  • 2 Iron Chunks
craft Ultra Balls

Iron chunks can be bought from the crafting material vendor. The Apricorn and Tumblestones can be bought from the Craftworks.

The Apricorns cost 40 Poké Dollars and Tumblestones cost 60 Poké Dollars. Other than spending your valuable Poke Dollars, you can harvest these in almost all locations. So, you need not spend your cash on them.

Apricorns can be found in bunches within the brown trees in grassy areas. For Tumblestones your Pokemon needs to break Orange Crystals.

Iron Chucks are usually found inside of these materials. You can also find them inside caves, rocky areas, or along with water bodies.

Once you have these recipes you can craft Ultra Balls at the Craftworks in Jubilife Village.

This is how you can craft Ultra Balls in Pokemon Legend: Arceus. These balls have higher success rates for catching a Pokemon.

So, try out these balls, and meanwhile check out the other guides of Pokemon Legend: Arceus for more tips and tricks.

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