Pokemon Legends Arceus Lag Fix on Emulator (Ryujinx/Yuzu)

Pokemon Legends Arceus is playable on Emulators now, Here we have two best emulators we have here are Ryujinx and Yuzu, which are best for playing any Switch games including the latest ones.

The Emulators are great in use, but at some point, they show various problems like lagging and shuttering. Switch Emulator can be heavy for some systems, which may cause lag while playing the games.

Here, In this Post, we will provide you a quick Pokemon Legends Arceus Lag fix on Emulator, that you can follow to reduce lags on switch emulators.

How to Fix Pokemon Legends Arceus Lag on Switch Emulators

Lags are very common nowadays, in any game, but if it is lagging too much then you might need to fix this as soon as possible to get the best performance. Fix Lags in Ryujinx as well as Yuzu completely.

Most lags are caused by your system due to Insufficient System Requirements for the games, viruses, or running heavy tasks in the background. Low End PC users can follow these steps to fix lags.

  1. Stop all Unused Background apps running, also from the task bar (tray icon) to increase performance.
  2. Switching From Integrated GPU to Dedicated GPU can also fix the lags.
  3. Disable VSync in the Switch Emulator Setttings
    – In Ryujinx, Go to Options -> Settings -> System and Uncheck VSync
    – In Yuzu, Go to Emulation -> Configure -> Graphics -> Advanced to Uncheck VSync
  4. Change Power Plan in Windows, to do so –
    – Go to Windows search and Search for Control Panel
    – After it opens, Search Power Options there
    – Choose High Performance there
  5. Update your Graphics Driver (NVIDIA/AMD) for smooth Experience.
  6. Scan your PC to remove any virus or Trojan running.

That is all about fixing and optimizing your PC for lag, and this will fix all the lags in Pokemon Legends Arceus Switch Emulator. If you know of any other method to fix lags, feel free to comment below.

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