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How to Fix Pokemon Unite Login Error (Connection Error) 2021

If you are playing pokemon unite for a long or just started, there is an issue that you have faced. The Login Error in Pokemon Unite is very common nowadays, that everyone started to raise complaints against it.

But it happens, Most of the time the game will work, and you will be able to log in and play, but sometimes it won’t let you log in and start the game, which is very much annoying.

In this post, we are providing some basic fixes, that you can try to avoid the login or any connection errors in Pokemon Unite.

Login Error in Pokemon Unite

The Error which comes majorly is called Network error, and says “A Login Error Occured, Please Restart the Game”. This Error is now very common for Android users, and thankfully not all users had this error.

Or sometimes it will show you “Network Error, Please check your Internet connection and try again” Both are the same, and need to be fixed.

Cause of Connection Errors in Pokemon Unite

These are the basic cause that can lead to Login or Network error in any Android Games, including Pokemon Unite –

  • Full Server Load
  • Bad Internet Connection
  • Outdated Game Files
  • Device is not longer supported

How to Fix Network Errors in Pokemon Unite

There can be any issue, which can cause the Login Error, Try to check all the Methods below one by one, for most of the players Using VPN services worked like a charm. Also Blocking wifi access to other apps can help to fix the issue.

1) Restart the Device

The First and Basic solution is to Restart your Device. Sometimes games behavior changes when they are used for a long time, So make sure you restart your device once and try to log in.

  • Force Close the App or
  • Restart your Device
  • Try Again

2) Check or Restart your Wifi

Second, Make sure your wifi or other Internet connection, is working properly and giving you the proper ping, that will be needed to log into the game. Sometimes the internet is overloaded and causes many issues.

  • Disconnect your Wifi from Device
  • Reset the Router with Pin or
  • Restart the Router from Plug

3) Block Internet Access to Other Apps

If you have shitty internet, then this one will surely help you to fix the error. This is for Android users – Sometimes the other applications take lots of wifi usage and make the internet very slow.

This is very rare if your internet is taking lots of loads, but blocking internet access to some high net usage apps can save lots of internets and can fix the error.

  • Download Netguard App (Android)
  • Check the Apps there
  • Choose your required apps to block
  • Click on Wifi icon to disable the wifi access

4) Use VPN Services

The fourth Solution is to use any VPN (Virtual Private Network). This is the most effective solution here and worked for most of the players. Make sure you connect to your nearest location in the VPN app, to avoid high ping.

  • Download any VPN App
  • Choose Nearest Location
  • Connect to it
  • Try to log in again

5) Update Pokemon Unite

If still, the game is not logging you in, It can be because of old and outdated game files which you have downloaded from a third party and have not updated yet. Make sure you have the original game downloaded from the official source.

  • Go to Pokemon Unite Official Site
  • or Simply Google Play store (Android users)
  • Click Update or Redownload the game

6) Try again

If none of the methods works, there is a still chance that you can be logged in automatically by the game. Just try to close and start the game application again and again, until you are logged in.

  • Restart the game
  • Close and Re Start the game again
  • Do this until you are logged in
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