PowerWash Simulator: Show Dirt Not Working Fix Easily

Many players have encountered the Show Dirt not working bug after patch 1.0, which is blocking players from spotting the remaining dirt in missions. This guide will show you how to fix the PowerWash Show Dirt not working bug.

If you ever thought of cleaning your surroundings but due to laziness you weren’t able to do it but now you can easily do it in the PowerWash Simulator and feel what real cleaning looks like.

PowerWash Simulator is developed by FuturLab and published by Square Enix and was released on 14 Jul 2022.

pwashbug compressed
Image via “aneoid” on YouTube

PowerWash Simulator requires players to clean dirty surfaces with a power washer to make them spick and span, but with the Show Dirt not working bug, the game becomes much less of a…washing simulator.

Fix for the Show Dirt not working bug.

pwashhh compressed
Image via Cheevo Guides on YouTube
  • The first fix involves if you encounter the issue on PC, going to the settings menu and changing the bind for the Show Dirt button which is TAB by default or right on the D-Pad on Xbox and it should work again. You can then switch it back to your preferred button and continue. 
  • The second fix requires to keep clicking the dirt highlight button while washing and wait until the highlight returns which should hardly take around 10-15 seconds.
  • The third fix involves starting a new job in any other mode while you are in another job. No need to complete it, simply start and then rejoin your old job.
  • The fourth fix requires restarting the job you are currently doing in Specials or Free play mode and then returning back to the job.

You can use the methods mentioned above to get a temporary fix while the developers hopefully release a patch soon.

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