PUBG Steam Could Not Verify Login Error Fix (2022)

Could Not Verify Login Error in PUBG Steam

In this guide, we will help you fix an error that generally pops up “PUBG Could Not Verify Login Error.” This error is straightforward to fix. Follow our guide, and you are good to go.

PUBG has recently become free-to-play for everyone. As data suggests, PUBG Steam was losing players so fast and was on the brink of dying quickly, So PUBG devs have decided to make the game free for everyone. If you are facing the error “Could Not Verify Login Error,” then don’t worry. We will help you fix it once and for all.

How to Fix Could Not Verify Login Error in PUBG Steam

Since PUBG Steam has gone Free to play, there has been a massive increase in layer base as more and more new players hop in to try the game out for the first time. The error could be PUBG updating the database or the game in the background. But here are some fixes you can try to get rid of the error.

Enter the correct PUBG Steam credentials

Make sure you have entered the correct credentials on the login page. If you enter the wrong username and password, you might get errors like Verify Login Error. So I will suggest you should check it one it.

Check your Internet Connection

Ensure your internet connection is working fine. Also, check if the antivirus and windows firewall isn’t blocking any PUBG Steam connections. You can try disabling both of these options and then try running the game,

Disable Antivirus to Fix “Could Not Verify Login Error in PUBG Steam”

As I said earlier, sometimes, antiviruses tend to block connections that are unknown to them. Therefore, I suggest you temporarily disable your antivirus or firewall, which can help you check if it’s a connection problem or the antivirus problem. I am sure this will fix the issue.

Restart your PC

Restarting can sometimes fix “Could Not Verify Login Error in PUBG Steam.” Sometimes, there are applications in the way of PPUBG to run properly. Therefore a restart can help you resolve many of the issues related to the game.

Thanks for reading the article. I hope I was able to help you fix the issue “Could Not Verify Login Error in PUBG Steam.” If you are still facing the error, wait for PUBG to push an update officially, or you can comment down below. We will try to help you as best as possible.

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