Quordle Guide: How to Play? Check Daily Answers Here

If you’re addicted to Wordle and you don’t know about Quordle yet, trust me, you’re missing out on a lot! This quordle guide will tell you all you need to know about the game and update you with daily answers for the same.

If you’ve heard of Wordle, you aren’t that far off and it won’t really be difficult for you to understand Quordle. As the similar name suggests, Quordle is just a tougher and longer version of Wordle. In Wordle, you guess one 5-letter word in six tries while in Quordle, you have to guess four 5-letter words in nine tries. So, it’s the perfect place for the people who have finished today’s Wordle and are looking for something more challenging while having a similar experience.

Besides helping you with how to play the game both on PC and Mobile, this article will also provide you with daily Quordle answers including today! So, read down below to find the answers if you’re stuck.

What is Today’s Quordle Answer?

This is a fair warning for everyone who still wants to solve Quordle #116 which is on May 20, 2022, to skip this part of the article because we’ll be providing answers to every Quordle puzzle every day.

The Quordle Answers for May 20, 2022, are:


All Quordle Solutions so Far (May 2022)

  • Quordle 115 (May 19) – KOALA, BUILD, SCAMP, NOSEY
  • Quordle 114 (May 18) – PRONG, GRAPH, WITCH, VOILA
  • Quordle 113 (May 17) – FULLY, PURER, FISHY, KNOCK
  • Quordle 112 (May 16) – CHINA, FAINT, BONEY, GAFFE
  • Quordle 111 (May 15) – DELTA, ROTOR, QUOTE, TAPIR
  • Quordle 110 (May 14) – THIRD, SLIMY, SUNNY, AVIAN
  • Quordle 109 (May 13) – MOTEL, GROWL, WELCH, TUMOR
  • Quordle 108 (May 12) – WASTE, CRAVE, HAUNT, YOUNG
  • Quordle 107 (May 11) – GLINT, OPIUM, WORSE, DROIT
  • Quordle 106 (May 10) – URINE, HEDGE, NORTH, LASSO
  • Quordle 105 (May 9) – RALPH, INGOT, COVET, AMITY
  • Quordle 104 (May 8) – BRAKE, AORTA, OPERA, HASTY
  • Quordle 103 (May 7) – WORDY, ORDER, SCOFF, SPOOL
  • Quordle 102 (May 6) – FLUFF, REARM, WEEDY, BROOK
  • Quordle 101 (May 5) – SONIC, SHACK, CABIN, BROOM
  • Quordle 100 (May 4) – VOILA, AWAKE, SILLY, PHONE
  • Quordle 99 (May 3) – EPOXY, TORUS, THOSE, CANNY
  • Quordle 98 (May 2) – VIGIL, SERUM, VAPID, CRANE
  • Quordle 97 (May 1) – CLACK, CRIME, GENRE, HAREM

What is Quordle? How is it different from Wordle?

Quordle Screen

Most of us here are probably already addicted to Wordle and solving the 5-letter word daily sparks a lot of conversations and gives bragging rights to the people who can do it in less tries. But, once all of that is over, we’re left wanting for more. Some of us have probably already looked for games similar to Wordle to spend our time on, but now we have the perfect choice, Quordle!

Quordle was initially developed by David Mah and the application/website was later finished by Freddie Meyer. The developers knew that a lot of people are looking for a more challenging game that feels similar to Wordle and they’ve got just the thing for you. Quordle already witnesses upto 2 million users daily and the number is only growing. It is slowly becoming everyone’s favorite choice after finishing their Wordle puzzle for the day.

So, how is Quordle different from Wordle while feeling the same? The major difference can be spotted when you look at Quordle’s screen for the first time. There is a square tile that contains space for four different 5-letter words, not just one. When you type something using the keyboard, it appears on all four words. Basically, in Quordle, you have to guess all the four words within 9 attempts.

How to Install Quordle?

Some of you might be used to playing the game on your browser, for which, you just need to head over to the Quordle Website using the link provided and knock yourself out in the game. As for how to play the game, we will discuss that in the next segment.

For the people who are used to play the game on an application, don’t worry, Quordle has got you covered. Similar to Wordle, you can install the application on your mobile devices using the following steps.

  • First of all, you will still need to head over to the game’s official website. To do that, you can click on the link provided at the start of this segment. Once you’re on the website, click on the three dots at the top-right of your screen.
  • In the drop down menu, you will see an option to Install Quordle, click on this and then click on Install. Quordle’s app will be downloaded and installed on your phone which will work just like any other app including Wordle.

How to Play Quordle?

Now that you have the website open or the application downloaded, the next step is learning how to play the game. If you’ve played Wordle before, it won’t be as hard for you to grasp, but we will explain every step of the game here, so even if you haven’t played Wordle, we’ve got you.

  • Once you’re on the game, you can click on the icon that has a circle with Question Mark inside it. This will take you through the basic process of the game which will also be explained here.
  • First of all, click on the Practice button. This will provide you with a simulation of the main game. Here, type any 5-letter word and press enter. Once you do this, you will see all the letters you typed highlighted with three different colors each.
  • These colors will be different for every letter in all four words. The grey color for a particular letter in a word means that the letter doesn’t appear in the word, Yellow color means that the letter does appear, but it’s in the wrong position, and finally the green color means that the letter is at the right place.
  • You have to try with multiple differe 5-letter words to find the required words within 9 tries. While this seems hard, if you use the practice for a bunch of times, you’ll get used to it. But the game is still hard in general, which is why you get bragging rights for finishing it.
  • Once of the features that Quordle has but is absent in Wordle is the Keyboard highlight. We’ll explain this with an example. Every key on your keyboard is divided in four quarters when you play this game. So, when you type the letter ‘A’ and it appears in one of the word but isn’t at the correct place, the keyboard will highlight one of the quadrant of the ‘A’ key with yellow. this can be seen in the picture below.
Keyboard feature in Quordle
  • Once you’ve finished the Quordle puzzle for the day, it will display the time left for the next puzzle at the top. You can also share your Quordle just like Wordle where they’ll remove the letters and keep the colors for you to brag about.

That is all for playing Quordle. I hope you have a lot of fun brainstorming the words daily. I know I will.

Also, if you’re having trouble finding Wordle answers, Read: Daily Wordle Answers

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