Raft: How to Use the Sprinkler Easily Guide


Raft is a recently-released survival game with a lot to offer. The game contains a lot of craftable items and a multiplayer mode. It is a uniquely challenging game because the players must manage to survive and construct while spending most of their time in the ocean on a raft.

The Sprinkler and Its Use

A sprinkler is a water tool that pumps water in the form of sprinkles to the grassy area and the crops on your raft. It is constructed of plastic, has two bolts, and needs to be connected to an electrical circuit in order to operate.

You can craft one by using the following items:

You need to set up a sprinkler system for it to automatically water your plants. Every 5 seconds, the sprinkler looks for a plant that needs watering and turns on when it finds one. The same can be crafted by using the following:

There are nineteen different sorts of sprinklers on your raft, and they are usually connected by a water pipe to irrigate the vegetation.

Working on the Sprinkler

The battery powers the sprinkler. If you don’t connect the sprinkler to a battery, it won’t operate. The sprinkler battery has 50 units in total and needs 1.5 tanks of water to function effectively.  The battery drains continuously, so if you use it just once, your battery will lose one unit. Following that, a battery-powered electric circuit must be attached to the sprinkler.

How to Use the Sprinkler

Follow these easy steps to set up and use the sprinkler in Raft.

There’s no specific location where to put the sprinkler, but there is a designated radius and focus point where it should be kept.

Just follow the instructions above, and you’ll have a nice sprinkler ready on your raft. Post a comment if you have got your sprinkler up and running.

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